Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Glass Animals, File Types & Oleg Beresnev

2016-01: Welcoming in 2016! This week – my new favourite band Glass Animals, the annoyance of opening files in the wrong application, and the visualization of a hangover, made by Oleg Beresnev.

Music: Glass Animals
Do you ever hear so much about a band that you immediately dismiss them because you're sick of hearing their name? It's petty, I know. But that happened to me with Glass Animals. I completely missed out on their awesome 2014 album Zaba until a friend mentioned them to me the other day. Since I started listening to them, I have become addicted to the album. As my friend says, their sound is like "water droplets went clubbing." And I quote. Listen below.

Beer & Skillshare
Somehow I managed to sit myself down for a few hours and get a first draft done of the Brew Beer, Drink Beer design. Still needs some refinement, but here it is!

I also took advantage of another three months of Skillshare for 99 cents! One great lesson it offered me this time was Illustrator For Lunch, a series of Skillshare videos that are around 30 minutes in length, so you can do them on your lunch hour. I love it. Check out the entire series here.

I'd really like to get into one of those Illustrator For Lunch classes and learn a thing or two on my lunch hour, but the office has been pretty slow here (concentration at work is at an all-time low over Christmas time), so I'll be trying one out next week. I'm also going to start working seriously on more screens for 21 Days and getting them up on my website.

Random Thought:
One grievance I always encounter in my computer life is double-clicking on a file, only to have it open in the wrong program. Upon further thought, I've begun to come to the conclusion. Perhaps this happens more often to computer-based creatives than to non-creatives because the things we create are most commonly enjoyed through a computer. This means that we switch often between enjoying something (in one program, such as iTunes), to editing it (in another program, such as Audacity). See the chart below:

Inspiration: Oleg Beresnev
A condition that awaits us all:

I found this cute animation on Dribbble. It's meant to emulate the feeling of being hungover. I think it's immediately recognizable. Enjoy your holidays...but don't overdo it! :)

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