Monday, January 4, 2016

Chrome Sparks, Pyjamas & Stamps

Weekly Update 2016-02: A revival of one of my favourite musicians (Chrome Sparks), wondering how a regular shirt becomes a pyjama shirt (and whether that's a promotion or demotion), and the wonderfully intricate stamp designs of my friend and fellow designer Lily Kao.

Music: Chrome Sparks
I know I've already gushed over my Brooklyn electronic crush Chrome Sparks, but he really deserves one more mention, especially considering he's coming to Toronto next Wednesday! I am so excited, it's literally all I can think about (or listen to). If you haven't already, try this on for size:

This week, I've been getting really frustrated with the slowness of my computer, so I am starting to delete unnecessary stuff from it in preparation for a clean install of El Capitan. Just today, I freed up 15 GB from the app backups on my computer and a bit of music I'll never listen to. Cool! The hard part is going to be cleaning up my old school files. Check out the breakdown below:

I've also been writing down more thoughts in some old blog post drafts, and (this is more of a goal, I suppose) I'll be starting Hebrew lessons tomorrow! I'm pretty darn excited for that.

I've got to keep cleaning my drive before I can get down to any serious work, but I didn't get a chance to do a SkillShare for lunch last week, so I'd like to do it this week. Maybe tomorrow!

Random Thought: The Life Cycle of A Pyjama Shirt
As I put on my old worn pyjama shirt (I always write blog posts in pyjamas – it's my secret to success) today, I was thinking about how it's become such a choice shirt to wear to bed because I've worn it in to a soft mess. I always used to think that shirts that are too old to wear in public become pyjama shirts as a sort of shame, but now I realize that it's quite the opposite. All of my sleep shirts are quite prized to me, and I occasionally bring them back into daytime rotation in their thin, pilled states. I suppose it relates to the fact that I love to buy worn clothing at thrift stores. Some of the most comfortable clothing was made that way by other people. I know it's a common feeling to find that a little weird, but I don't mind being contrary. :)

Inspiration: Lily Kao's Stamps
My super talented friend Lily is starting off her year with an excellent habit. She has vowed to illustrate a stamp to commemorate each day of the year. So far, the results have been excellent!

Can't wait for more! Check out her Facebook page and Instagram, you won't regret it.

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