Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekly Update: One's Inner Chef

Music: Mason
First discovered by yours truly in a SoundCloud mix, this producer out of Amsterdam has a whole slew of awesome tracks in his Nite Rite Series. I really like listening to artists' progression as their tracks become more developed over time. Similarly to HOME, I think this guy has awesome stuff in store for his listeners. And yet another example of how bedroom DJs can gain traction through SoundCloud. How would I ever have found this guy otherwise?

In keeping with my earlier declaration, I made my first rebound shot on Dribbble! As you may have read last week, I really enjoyed Ryan Duffy's weather app design, and wanted to try it out myself. I learned a ton of stuff from After Effects (which is great considering I haven't touched it in six months). For example, did you know that you can draw a path in Illustrator and literally copy and paste it into the position animation of an object in After Effects? Madness! If there's one thing I love in the world of animation, it's the automatic generation of keyframes.

Anyway, check out my rebound below (or on Dribbble):

I've been meaning to post that animated gif of my face to Dribbble for a week now! I'm going to do that tonight. I'm also going to print my holiday cards tomorrow evening, and work on the Brew Beer, Drink Beer graphic on Saturday. I want to have it finished by the end of next week.

Random Thought: Bulk Cooking
I've been attempting to exercise my inner chef lately, and tried my hand at making some Pork Tonkatsu last night. I highly enjoy the process of bulk cooking, so that I can come home to a dinner that's already ready to heat and eat. It's very gratifying. But one thing that I think is overlooked in the field of bulk prepping/cooking is the amount of resources that are saved. For instance, if I fry garlic for four meals at once, I only have to wash the frying pan once. I've just saved a ton of water and soap (not to mention the time factor). While bulk cooking saves time, I really think that the amazing thing about it is the smaller footprint one can leave on the environment when doing so. And I suppose saved soap and paper towel is also saved money. Works for me. Here's a picture of the food I made:

A photo posted by Chloe Silver (@chloesil) on

Inspiration: Muti
While we're on the subject of cooking, I thought I'd share this wee gem I found on Dribbble.

Made by the awesome people at Muti, this card can be printed out from the Dribbble page and used as a gift tag. Way to spread the love.

I also really liked a lot of Muti's other work. Based in Cape Town, even their contact page is awesome. I should really work on my contact page...

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