Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly Update: Good Weather All Around

I had literally no idea who or what a TOKiMONSTA was for a long time. I had seen the name in some remixes in my travels about the SoundCloud town, but hadn't really stopped to listen to the Los Angeles-based DJ until the other day. I remember finding one of her songs last Wednesday morning, and then listening to her throughout the entire day. That night I was walking around town and saw that she was playing Toronto that Friday. Too bad I saw Slow Magic the day before, because I kinda wish I had gone to her show now. Also, she is signed to Flying Lotus' record label, Brainfeeder. Anyway, listen to this:

Full disclosure: I didn't complete the goals I set for myself last week. For some reason, I decided to use processing to make an animated gif of my face (which you can see in the post before this one). I also made a christmas card that I plan to give to some coworkers and friends if I can get my butt over to FedEx next week to print it.

It's got kind of a plaid feel to it, which I find akin to the warm and cozy feeling of the holidays :)

This week, I am going to Bahamas, so no goal setting for me except to bask in the sun. This week has been sort of bitterly cold (for someone who hasn't donned her winter coat yet) and I'm ready to get away. I do have tomorrow night, so I'd like to finish writing a blog post I started the other day that compares Seinfeld to Jeopardy. Don't ask me why, it will all become clear tomorrow!

Random Thought:
If you've been updating your iPhone's operating system like a good little boy or girl, you've been keeping abreast of all of the emoji changes that have been happening recently. We've finally got a taco emoji, of which I only half-understand the importance, to be perfectly honest. Here it is in all its crispy glory (with some other new ones)...

This phenomenon reminds me of when the emojis were expanded to provide skin colour options for the people- and hand-based emojis. I am led to understand that the reason for this was to provide more options for people to express emojis more realistically as a portrait of themselves or their friends. This made sense to me, but now I wonder how people are choosing the skin tones of their favour. Personally, I have felt awkward as I shifted through the skin tones to find the one that looked most like me. It's a long brown-haired girl who, to be honest, doesn't really remind me of myself. So which one do I go with, if not that one? I have been choosing the bright Simpsons yellow of late, for reasons I cannot truly explain. It just felt right.

Inspiration: Ryan Duffy
As you and I both know, the infamous design exercise of the weather app has been ridden to death like the sad little donkey it is. I have never even thought to try the challenge myself because I have seen so many badly done weather app designs. But today, I saw a Dribbble shot that inspired me so much, I am now rethinking my opinion.

Ryan Duffy, a designer out of Philadelphia, has created a really cute new weather app design that aims to express time as well as weather with animation and simple layering. Check it out below:

It has sort of a Kirby in Dreamland vibe to it, and shows the placement of the moon and sun in the sky (which can be used as a sort of sundial-esque way of telling the time as well). The only critique I could possible have of this whimsical spin on a tired trend is that the black line-drawing animations in the middle are not even necessary. All of that can be shown through a little more detailing on the top animations. Of course, to draw and animate all of the possible iterations would take a lot of time, but I think it would be worth it. I'd like to rebound this shot with another sort of weather, but unfortunately I don't think I'll have much time between now and going to Bahamas. Maybe I'll do it on the plane! Let's see if I can download After Effects on my work computer tomorrow...

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