Monday, December 28, 2015

Skittles Pawn Shop

You may have seen me post this to Instagram the other day:

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Taste the rainbow, indeed! I was walking past this on my way to the Star Wars exhibit (which, by the way, was overrated but cool for free). I didn't bother to look it up again until the other day when it came up in my Facebook newsfeed. When I did, I found that in exchange for unwanted Christmas presents (or pretty much, just junk from around your house), some guy named Deal Dale will make you a deal in Skittles for it.

I got there around 2:00pm, thinking it would be busy. There was a line, but it was only about six people long. As soon as I walked inside, my eyes were berated with weird items. They were all different from each other but similar in some strange way that I couldn't place. Maybe it was the fact that all of them would be terrible Christmas presents.

In my arsenal, I had the following: a rather unimpressed looking emoji pillow with a hole on the chin (do emojis have chins?), a weird tapestry-type forest scene, and a statue of a pig holding a hamburger. Not something you'd want to own.

As I waited in line, I got chatting with the security guard about how this would go down. "Make sure you barter," he told me sagely. "You'll get more Skittles that way." Wow, I thought. If they're going to give me five packages, maybe I'll ask for ten! I decided to see how this played out. I couldn't quite see what items were being traded, but I could see the quantities of Skittles that each person was getting. There were some single-serve packages, like I originally thought, but there were also huge, 36-pack boxes of Skittles. One boy came away with four of those boxes! Whatever he traded in was worth 144 packages of Skittles! I couldn't believe my eyes.

When my turn came up, Deal Dale made up a silly story about how my three items were not to be separated because they were a set. This I found extremely hilarious because that's a real thing people say in pawn shops to get the pawner to buy everything, even if he doesn't want to. Wonderful!

So after what seemed like very little thought, Dale came up with the price of two boxes of packages of Skittles. I looked back at the man who told me to barter, and then at my shoes as I asked for three boxes. Dale accepted right away and sent me to collect my bounty.

All of the items traded in the shop will go to the Goodwill ReUse Centre in Scarborough. Isn't that great! Skittles is singlehandedly providing amazing exposure for their brand, bringing joy to people in an act of trashing unwanted/bad gifts, giving help to those in need, and giving out (basically) FREE CANDY.

Take this man, for example:

Check out more at their official website.

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