Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Walk in the Neighbourhood

In keeping with my exploratory nature of my Toronto surroundings, I have been recording my walks to work from my new apartment in a 20-day Instagram photo blog. I mentioned it here before, and now it's done! I finished it up last week as I transition into my work's new office (to which I'll be taking the subway).

The blog was pretty popular with my friends and coworkers, so I thought I might chronicle the various interesting happenings of it here. First of all, it was an enormously fun experience to find new things to catch my interest on each weekday, and the weekend wild cards were even better. I got a great chance on the last Saturday of the blog to walk around the western side of my neighbourhood, which I don't get to see much of on my eastward walks to work.


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I went to this bar for a drink on my first night in my new place, and was almost as pleased with this "closed" sign as I was with the delicious drink they served me. Not to mention, apparently a lot of my friends know about it! Good thing it's literally four doors away, on the same block as me.


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I walk past this tiger every day and always like to look at it. It's really nice! Nothing like this where I used to live. And now when people ask me where I live, I can tell them it's right by the electric tiger. Nothing wrong with that.


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I was walking past Lee's Palace (which I had never done so early in the day before living here), and I saw men from the Beer Store unloading beer into a secret underground lair of the venue!! And what's even better is that the picture was perfectly timed to show them unloading a case of my favourite beer: Crimmis Beer (otherwise known as Molson Pilsner).


Read the caption. Simply wonderful. I can't wait to get some food shopping done here. They have a great selection of cheese.

20/20 The final day:

Upon sharing this photo, I found out that my friend used to lifeguard at this pool. I can't wait until summer when I can use this slide. But more than that, my neighbourhood is so beautiful in fall/winter that I can't wait until the summer when I am even more aware of my surroundings and can enjoy everything in a nice temperature to be outside. Maybe I'll do another photo blog then!

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