Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wayhome Top Five

As promised, here is my breakdown of the top five acts at Wayhome this year (according to me – who else?!)

5) Kendrick Lamar
I dragged my feet listening to Kendrick because rap isn't really my thing. I had heard some of his songs in passing, and they hadn't really stuck. Three days before the festival, I sat myself down and ventured through the entirety of good kid M.A.A.D. city, which was astoundingly amazing.

We were pretty far back for the show, but able to see everything without having our view obstructed. And the crowd was really pumped, even as far back as we were. Halfway through one of the songs, some people started dancing with us and even had us all bear hug together in honour of our love for Kendrick. Why not.

4) Odesza
Time got away from us and we got to Odesza a little later than we wanted. Even ten minutes into the set, the crowd was really big! We were wearing glowsticks and all sorts of fun stuff, and bonded with some other people who were wearing similar garb. Together, our new troupe got pretty close to the front (as close as I wanted to be so that I could still dance).

The set was crazy; I feel like I've been able to watch the two dudes really grow as musicians from seeing them earlier in the day on a small stage last year at Osheaga, to seeing them at a very un-sold-out Mod Club in November, and now playing on a main stage at Wayhome at midnight. Quite a step up.

3) Com Truise and Girl Talk
I had been waiting to see Com Truise since I first listened to his music earlier in the year, maybe February. He was only playing a half-hour set, and even though I had told everyone I knew to catch his set, it was easy to get to the front. He was all business and barely addressed the crowd at all, but he played some new stuff that sounded awesome. Much too short.

Girl Talk came onstage right after him, and that was a sweaty messy dance party for sure. Again, just like Grove Festival in 2013, I missed my chance to dance on stage by a moment! But we had fifteen minutes before Girl Talk to go see Kaytranada, and I'm happy we took the chance. The crowd got a little too tight, so we ended up watching from afar for the last little bit of the set. But dancing in a crowd to songs everyone knows and can sing along to is so much fun!

2) Modest Mouse

Some very skilled pushing and inching to the front won me a second-row spot (behind a luckily short girl) to see my beloved Isaac Brock play songs off the new and amazing MM album. His banter between songs was easily as entertaining as the songs themselves. My favourite part was when one of the huge (doorway-sized) beach balls was thrown onto the stage. Brock referenced it in a grumpy old man voice and said "Hey you kids, don't throw your ball into my yard!", after which he returned the ball with a triumphant kick. What a crowd pleaser.

1) Broken Social Scene

Passion Pit had to pull out of the festival on Friday morning, which didn't bother me too much. I like Manners but everything after that has been rather saccharine and much too happy for my taste. They were to be replaced by a 'special guest', which was announced at the beginning of the Modest Mouse set to be Broken Social Scene. I was really excited because I'd never seen them before and I love their music.

No one wanted to come with me because Metz were playing at the same time, but I found some strangers to dance with. When they set off fireworks at the end, I knew I'd chosen the right band to see. Even though If I had stayed at the main stage after Modest Mouse, I could have been at the front for Kendrick. But it's all about priorities, right?

Fire Eye'd Boy is one of my favourite songs and they simply killed it. It was amazing.

Can't wait til the next music festival! They're probably my favourite thing about summer.

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