Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Update: Wedding Ephemera

Music: Chromeo
For my last venture into the crowds of Nathan Philips Square during the Pan Am games, I was really excited to see Chromeo on Friday. I've been listening to them since the Fancy Footwork era of 2007, and I think this was either my fourth or fifth time seeing them. I was happy to see that they brought those keyboards with women's legs that light up – always good for a laugh. And there was a bigger crowd than I thought! I think the guitarist David was thinking the same because he mentioned his surprise at how many people came out to see them.

Quite a bit has happened this week! First, I got my G2! Onto the highway I go. Other than that, I managed to ride my bike up and down a very challenging hill (scared out of my mind) and play some tennis. I also scored a ticket for Kaytranada in September and Disclosure in October!

And something else of note: I was inspired by a coworker to start a little diary about all the stuff that happens to me every day. Things like achieving my running goals, interesting conversations, little personal victories, delicious food I eat, that sort of thing. I hope it will feel rewarding when I finish the last page of the book and read back over everything.

I didn't get to Sam Smith or the Jumbotron post this week, but I'll get there! The Jumbotron post should be coming up either Wednesday or Thursday.

Random Thought:
I've been trying to go to as many ribfests as I can this summer. There's actually a master list of all the communities that run their own, which you can check out here. It hasn't been updated since last year, but you can use it as a guide to find the dates. Ribfests are awesome because they provide all the things I love about state fairs (delicious food and different booths where you can win stuff) with none of the things I don't like (long lines, rides, expensive prices, only a few days long). There's nothing like getting your face all messy and saucy with a rack of ribs, and trying to guess which booth will win the festival. With all of this, I have always wondered why there aren't other kinds of food festivals of this sort. I know we have a Mac and Cheese Festival and those sorts of things popping up in Toronto, but these ribbers travel all around America and Canada doing the festivals. I know there is a clam chowder festival that runs around the states, but we don't get that here for some reason. What a shame.

Inspiration: Venamour
If you've ever done freelance work, you know that brides-to-be are probably the most difficult client out there. They are picky to a fault, know what they don't like but never what they do like, and their tempers are very easily disturbed. Mix all that with the fact that last time I worked for a bride-to-be, she took three extra weeks to pay me because she kept making excuses that she was too busy to get the money over to me. The last excuse was that she was in a car crash (which, darkly, turned out to be true).

This website is not only beautifully designed, but their wedding ephemera design is beautifully on-point. As a person who pays a lot of attention to detail, I wouldn't mind having any of these invitations for my wedding. Check these out:

On top of all that, I can only assume that if you lend your life's work to designing for brides, you must have the patience of a saint. And for that, I salute you, Venamour.

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