Friday, August 28, 2015

Things That Happen

Do you remember what you had for breakfast this morning? How about last Tuesday? Or maybe this day last year? Remembering little details can be difficult, and many of the details we do remember are unimportant and can clutter up your brain. But there are small exchanges and happenings that occur in my daily life that can be the difference between a good day and a bad one, and I tend to forget about things like that after a while.

My coworker Sasha recently showed me a small pocket notebook he uses to track daily events like these. I found it very inspiring. He can look in his little book and tell me who he had lunch with last week, how he felt about the weather two weeks ago, and the friendliness of a dog he met on the street last month. These aren't things we would usually bother to remember, but the fact that he has them recorded down makes it simple and pleasant to look them over later on. 

He inspired me to start my own book, which I've been doing for about three weeks. Even after such a short amount of time, I am able to reminisce and reflect on little occurrences that have happened to me. My favourite one so far:

"Wed Aug 26: ran 5k on College St. -> thanked a car for stopping and they responded with a thumbs-up!"

Sasha uses a Field Notes notebook that has a little space for each day of the week, with a week on each page. It's the perfect size, and even has gold leaf on the page edges! Now that's classy. He and I were comparing entries one day when we decided to find out where to buy more of his notebook. Sasha found out that the notebook is a limited edition product, and so decided to email the company.

We're still waiting on a reply, but you can read his letter below:
Dear Field Notes,
On a whim and as my first Field Notes purchase, I bought the 3-pack that came with the 56-week planner.
Since I already planned my days using Google Calendar, I refitted the 56-week planner into a mini-journal. The attractive thing about the book is that the space allotted for each day was small, but usable. Not too big to make writing entries intimidating, but large enough to be able to write meaningful highlights about any given day.
Some of my friends took interest in my little hobby and have started their own mini-journals using inferior non-Field Notes brand notebooks. 
When I went to your website to make a bulk order on the 56-week planner to stuff some stockings, I was horrified to discover its Winter 2014 limited editioness.
Do you have plans on offering the 56-planner for individual sale in the future? Even on a selfish level, I would want the capability of replacing my own little book when it fills up after a year and 4 weeks.
Best regards from Canada.
 I'm going to attempt to keep this up for six months and see what I come out with. I suppose if anything, even the process of writing and reflecting on one's day is cathartic. And since I've never been one to keep a diary, this seems a little easier to do.

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