Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekly Update: Wayhome!

A little dustier than usual, and with an unusual 0% functionality of my vocal cords, I arrived home from Oro Medonte's first Bonnaroo-style festival yesterday. And now begins my very special Wayhome-themed version of this weekly update.

Music: Bear Mountain
The first concert of the festival was a truly awesome experience. This Vancouver indie pop piece was a great way to kick off the weekend at the Wayaway stage (the smallest one). We easily got right to the front and danced like crazy. I realized quickly that there was no way I was going to spend the whole weekend with that balloon, so I quickly let it go. Goodbye! Check out my little video snippet below:

As I predicted, no Wolf Parade work this week. But I did get in another driving lesson yesterday (pretty much right after I got home from Wayhome, dusty and all). I also...went to Wayhome! So that's kind of an accomplishment!

Goal: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Sam Smith is so cute. I wasn't even planning to see him, but since he was the last performer of the festival and nothing else was going on, I decided to check him out. And he honestly stole my heart. He talked a bit about his personal life and how it related to his music, and was honestly such a cute little puppy dog. And he did a cover of Le Freak by Chic!

Anyway, we were talking about goals. So I really want to draw his face. His cheeks are so cute! So I'm taking a break from Wolf Parade and drawing a little portrait of him. Nothing fancy, just a little thing. Maybe do some hand-lettering. Haven't done that in a while. :)

Random Thought:
I was thinking about the nature of these festivals to sell VIP tickets. What's up with that? I totally understand that more money will get you better stuff/experiences, as in other areas of life, but for festivals and concerts that are general admission, it seems so wrong. You can have your better bathrooms and special artisanal bars, but I really think that VIP shouldn't have a better stage area. WayBright, the second-biggest stage at the festival, had gated off the first 20 rows of people on the entire right side of the stage, so that VIP could get a close spot without having to fight crowds or get there early. Just seems like they should put in the efforts like the rest of us. But hey, that's what you get for $500.

Inspiration: ART!
Wayhome had some great artsy stuff, like the following weird things...

Flags that dotted the entire area of the main stage. Beautiful colours and patterns.

Some weird tree covered in scarves. Supposed to be a human heart (?)

A plywood statue of the word 'soon'. Being made throughout the weekend. I like the idea of working on something that changes throughout the weekend. I wish there was more work-in-progress type stuff.

"Let's meet at hashtag nature after Kendrick!" My meeting spot. (Not pictured: E)

A sign reading "One Night Only" (although, yes, it was up for three nights). Meant to signify the fleeting time of the festival...I think?

This might be hard to see, but every single bar area had a different pattern created by an artist. Very awesome way to represent artists who work in the 2-D form (arguably harder to display at a festival than 3-D). Here's one up close:

Coming soon to this blog (right here!): My top five favourite shows of the weekend (with videos, of course).

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