Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekly Update: Efficient Binge-watching

Music: Thundercat
The amazing and musically extremely talented Thundercat is the bassist of Flying Lotus, and also a producer of note, having done work with Kendrick Lamar and crossing genres as it pleases him. I really feel like a change of pace from all this live electronic music, so I'm excited that he's coming at the end of September (on a chill Sunday, FYI). Check out his new song:

I posted a shot to draft.im, but no luck yet. We'll wait and see. I also added Google Analytics to all the pages of my website, and my blog. I'll be doing more research into what that's about this week. I've been riding my bike like crazy, and managed to play some tennis. Hopefully repeating that this weekend!

I've also bought a ticket for the York Region Startup Weekend. I can't believe that as soon as I leave York, we get a hackathon on campus. Where was this when I attended school regularly?! Anyway, very excited for the end of September. It's also the same weekend as Thundercat, so that'll be interesting

I'd really like to get that jumbotron article done and sent, which I will be doing Saturday. Other than that, this week is getting ahead of me so I'll keep it light. Maybe some bike riding (standing up! My bottom is sore from all the bumps so this is a must).

Random Thought:
I don't binge watch a whole lot of television, but I recently started watching American Dad through my Wii's Netflix. Binge watching is quite different from regular television watching for a few reasons. Probably the most annoying difference is the opening and closing credits. If I am watching a large number of episodes at once, the theme song and end credits are going to get really repetitive and I'll definitely be less patient waiting for them to finish. Probably the only exception to the rule is Game of Thrones, whose opening titles change quite drastically and are important to the story of each episode. More on that here. So why can't Netflix have a setting in which you automatically skip the titles and end credits? I know my job is to think about end user experience with product design, but this isn't rocket science. Get on it, Netflix! If I'm going to binge watch television, let me do it as efficiently as possible.

Inspiration: Bowling Shirt Puns
For some reason or another, every sitcom seems to have an episode in which the main characters are part of a bowling team with an awfully amazing pun for a team name. I was recently watching an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer joins a bowling team called the Pin Pals. This episode only made me realize that my love of terrible puns reaches at least as far as bowling team names, which are almost always puns.

There's also an episode of American Dad in which a bowling team is named Lanes Addiction. Hilarious. I also love the style in which they are almost always designed, with 80s flair and scripty type. I want to develop my hand typography skills, so I was thinking of creating some possible bowling team logos. How about these:

The Bowler Cats (like bowler hats)
Splitting Pairs (splitting hairs)
Hare-Laned (hare-brained)
Firstie Alleys (Kirstie Alley)

I'm sure I'll think of some better ones as I start designing, but that's what I came up with in fifteen minutes. I'd be happy to hear some puns from the audience! :)

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