Monday, August 1, 2016

Pizza Boxes & Beer

I found myself in a very peculiar situation on Saturday night. These were the facts:

  • It was dark out
  • I was in Whitby
  • I was at a house party
  • The house party was in honour of a Quidditch tournament that had taken place that day
  • I knew, like, four people there
Being in such strange territory, I wanted to do a bit of general observation into just how a house party in Whitby would play out. I knew that there is really not a lot ever going on in Whitby, so this might be interesting, what with making one's own fun and getting creative. And I was not let down.

Consider the pizza box. A vestige of the drunken feast we all strive for at the common house party, yet cast aside once its gooey innards have been gobbled up. One of these such boxes was currently existing on a coffee table in the living room of this party. All of a sudden, a sharpie and a quarter were produced, and the game had begun.

The rules are these:
  • at the beginning of the game, everyone writes their name in a circle somewhere on the pizza box
  • everyone takes turns flipping the quarter onto the board
  • if you land on someone's name, they drink
  • if you land on an empty area, you have to write a rule for whomever lands on that space to complete
  • as the drawing space on the box fills up, more and more often the quarter lands on a space forcing the flipper to drink, and eventually everyone gets nice and drunk
It's beautiful in its simplicity. And so easy to play!

Our box by the end of the game (we drank a little too quickly):

My claim to fame is the rule "show us your last google search". It was underused, in my opinion.

But my truly favourite part of the box is on the right side. A girl named Taj joined in late and mistakenly wrote her name really big. Then, someone explained that that would only increase her chances of being the first one to be drunk. So she turned her name into the other newcomer's name, "Cole", and rewrote hers as the tiny bubble just above "Cole". Hilarious.

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