Monday, July 25, 2016

Wayhome Top 5

Weekly Update 2016-30: Instead of a weekly update this week, I wanted to write a simple Top Five of all of the acts I saw this weekend. Next week will follow up with a regular update on all the other amazing things I experienced at the festival.

5) Glass Animals

Let this amazing act be known as the only set for which I bothered to get to the rails. Something in my chest was telling me that I should. Anyway, what a great sweet little set, complete with a really cool drum skin and a pineapple that remained inexplicably onstage until the lead singer eventually threw it (gently and with warning) into the crowd.

Dean's friend Mitch is a cool media dude and took this rad selfie!

Good thing I was at the front because now you get to witness the single most excellent video selfie in the world.

Yep, what you just heard was a cover of "Love Lockdown" sung from directly behind the bun on my head. I was basically wedged between his legs. And - bonus: I uploaded “Gooey” in full to Youtube. There's an excellent guitar solo in the middle.

4) Savages
Just before Unknown Mortal Orchestra and after LCD Soundsystem on Friday was a London-based post-punk revival band called Savages. And oh boy, was this an intense time. I didn’t know ANYTHING about them until seeing them live, and I am so happy I did. Hereby chosen as the best discovery of my Wayhome. Watch the lead singer perform while kneeling over the crowd. Yeah they’re just like holding her calves in the air it’s really cool.

3) Unknown Mortal Orchestra
After seeing UMO last year at Lee’s Palace, I knew this was going to be a good time, and a perfect end to Friday for an hour long set at 1:00AM. It was wonderful. The sheer musicality of everyone in the backing band was only matched by the lead singer’s incredible stage presence. Watch a clip of “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”:

2) Patrick Watson
After I got all riled up from Savages (see above), I wandered over to check out a bit of Major Lazer before making the tough decision to break away from that to go to Patrick Watson’s decidedly more chilled out set. I made the right decision by a long long way. As I approached the stage, I was already in the right mindset and the music hadn’t even started yet. I was greeted by a delightful setup of bright edison-bulb style lighting.

I found my friends and we gradually drifted to front and center throughout the performance. The entire set was extremely mesmerizing. Check out this video of a guy playing a hacksaw solo!

I can’t really describe what happened to me during the set, but I know that I am a much, much bigger Patrick Watson fan now than I was before. And I already really liked his music.

Wait, I can describe one thing that happened to me. During the last song, I felt something furry on my back. I turned around to see a woman in a FULL BEAR SUIT gently moving past me to the front. No one minded. Because it was a DAMN BEAR.

A photo posted by Chloe Silver (@chloesil) on

Selfie proof.

1) LCD Soundsystem
It’s no secret that I was extremely excited for this set. I have been listening to LCD since...I think I was 15? A bit late to the game, but nevertheless I had high expectations. They were shattered completely. This was just what everyone needed on a Friday night: a batshit insane crazy dance party. Check out the drop to "Dance Yourself Clean" and make your own judgement.

Other notes: I felt "Someone Great" through my bones.

"All My Friends" was really special too.

Stay tuned for more of my weird blogging on Wayhome (especially the amazing art this year)!

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