Wednesday, August 10, 2016

TOPS, Bulk Barn & Ryerson Beach

Weekly Update 2016-32: The top lo-fi band fittingly called TOPS, measuring exact proportions at Bulk Barn, and the Ryerson University Beach (warm all year round).

Music: TOPS
I am in love with this band. I decided to do some last-minute sleuthing into some of the bands playing at TIME Festival (this past Saturday) during times I didn't have anything going on, and this band was a gem. Probably the only band I saw at the main stage that I liked as well. They have a great lo-fi sound that reminds me of the beach.

I finally formatted my computer! I...think it's running faster now. Of course, I'll have to use it for a little while to decide if it's actually better or if I should sell it and buy a new one. Now or later, it'll have to happen sometime.

I also transferred all my Wayhome videos to my work computer (more processing power!) and will be making the compilation video next Tuesday. And how do I know I'll be making it on Tuesday? Read on!

I have finally started to make my goal calendar for the month. I'm posting it in Goals instead of Accomplishments because I obviously haven't done a lot of this stuff yet (and hence the calendar is incomplete), but it's on its way! I already feel better about where my projects will be going.

Things that are notable:
  • having a hack night at work to get my Arduino projects started again
  • taking a day to make the data reporter app (my own personal hack day)
  • getting my dad's business card design done

Random Thought: Bulk Barn
From past mentions and also a whole post about their rebrand, you may know of my undying love for Bulk Barn. So many different kinds of baking goods and snack foods and pastas and soup mixes. And you can buy as little or as much as you want. Also, I like to think that I'm helping the environment by not creating more waste for the landfill, right? It's all good.

Except one thing. When I was last there perusing the muffin mixes, I noted the recipe card on the bin (so cute) and realized that something was wrong. For this particular bran muffin recipe, I would need 2 cups of the flour mixture in the bin. And how exactly would I go about ensuring I had enough to bake the muffins and not too much that would be wasteful? I can weigh my items, but the recipe card called for a dry measure, not a weight measure. Herein lies the problem.

Solution - what if Bulk Barn had scoop measures to conduct such baking business? You would place a bag over the scoop, scoop your stuff, level it out with your hand (also under the bag - gotta keep it clean), invert the bag, take out the scoop and voila! You've got a measured amount of stuffs and a clean scoop for the next item.

The only problem would be getting customers to use the scoops properly - a Herculean task I do not think possible of the unwashed masses (haha).

Inspiration: Ryerson Campus
One thing I neglected to mention was Stop #3-and-a-half on the Izakaya hop I took the other day. I can't even say how it happened, but we were walking by the new Ryerson building on our way to Kinka, and all of a sudden we were inside the building checking it out. The thing is beautiful.

It's a cube that would have one of its sharp corners facing the street (which is terrible feng shui), but it's been lopped off at a very pleasing angle. Love it.

This is the "beach" on the second floor. Amazing. There was even a calming whooshing sound coming from some pipes or something? 

Bean bag chair made of repurposed materials reminded me of lying in sand.

These chairs were pretty comfortable too, and looked like people lounging in the sun from above.

The view from out the window in the corner of the picture above.

I also didn't know Ryerson has such a beautiful set of greenspace and gardens. I am seriously in love with the campus.

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