Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ConsciousThoughts, Marriage Licenses & Placeholders

Weekly Update 2016-28: This week brings some fresh new disco beats from Scotland, along with the true meaning of a marriage license, and some extremely cute placeholder images for profile photos.

Music: ConsciousThoughts
Always thirsty for more disco, I came across Chris Hawley's amazing music out of Glasgow. This is the most summery music I think I could find, full of bright beats and catchy riffs. It's a good thing I have a standing desk because that makes it much easier to dance along to music. I'll get my workout somehow!

This week, I caught some fish!

A photo posted by Chloe Silver (@chloesil) on

I managed...somehow...to relax this weekend even though things were looking a bit down otherwise last week. But the weather is good and I've been doing my best to enjoy it. Biking has actually helped a lot, even though I had my first fall yesterday night! I actually consider it kind of an accomplishment, especially so since my bike chain came loose and I had to fix it on the fly. All a success!

I didn't get much done last week in the way of goals, this month is really busy socially. But I am going to try to sketch out some ideas for the projects in my Trello board on Saturday.

My friend is hosting a book swap party on Saturday night (with all extras going to charity) so I'd like to scrounge together some books to bring.

And lastly, I'm going to get back into driving practice, starting today. After a few rounds in my gracious friend's car, I'm going to book some lessons with my instructor from last year. I'd like to get my G license by the end of the summer (assuming it may take me two tries).

Random Thought:
My coworker took the morning off work today to get his marriage license at City Hall. As usually happens in my office, we had a hilarious chat about whether you have to pass a test to get your marriage license, and if it's graduated like drivers' licenses.

Alex / 10:52 AM
Did you pass the license test? Are marriage licenses graduated like driver’s licenses? So many questions. 
Matt / 10:53 AM  
haha I think we passed!
they should TOTALLY do graduated licenses though. and as you get older, they’d force you to retake the test every year :stuck_out_tongue: 
Lance / 10:56 AM  
“You’re being a tool, license revoked."I want THAT job 
Matt / 10:58 AM
“trust me, this is for your own good"
What a world we would live in if that were the way things worked.

Inspiration: Placeholders
I was looking for examples of placeholder images online and came across this cutie.
I love the utter simplicity of lines, and even moreso how they produce so much character even though they're simple. But the best part is that since they're placeholders, they're gender/race neutral and each one could really be anyone. I could easily imagine any of them as a caricature of me, just as you probably could.

These cuties were created by Alejandro Ramirez. Check out more of his illustration here.

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