Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weekly Update: Not Miniature!

Music: Harrison
As I probably mentioned before, I am in love with SoundCloud. I use it to find so many amazing artists that just aren't big enough to share their sounds anywhere else. One of the many awesome things about the product is the extended DJ mixes. They are an exponential way to find new music (a newfound artist for each track on a mix), and I am currently obsessed with the Harrison's guest mix for Plastic Platform. It has the perfect mix of soul and dance and house music. I love every song. And it ends with a sped-up version of Washed Out's Feel It All Around.

There is no track listing, so I will be Shazam-ing every song and trying my luck that way. I'd also like to find more mixes by Harrison, which is proving harder than I thought. Sometimes, artists are so small that their music is almost impossible to find!

Today, I did the unthinkable and sold my limited-edition Starbucks Barista shirts on Kijiji. As you may know, every once in a while Starbucks will award its baristas with a t-shirt they can wear in place of the uncomfortable collared shirts that are the usual uniform. All the cool shirts seem to have been from pre-2010 (way before my time), so I was happy to sell three shirts for $50, considering I will never wear them again. Now a new barista can gain some street cred with some shirts from 2013 and 2014, even if she was just hired.

I have been riding my bike as much as I can lately, to get used to riding at night, on uneven ground, and going very fast to feign keeping up with traffic. I found a wonderful WikiHow article on riding one-handed (to be able to indicate turning hand signals), and scored a cool red light for the back of my bike that unclips easily (so as not to be stolen).

I've been meaning to do a product analysis of SoundCloud, which will be happening on Saturday. I am also going to do a bit more of the Joshua Davis Skillshare tomorrow night, and since I don't have much left to do, I'll be finishing it on Sunday. I'd also like to take some time to find some simple recipes with fewer than six ingredients, and I'd like to try making one of them for dinner on Sunday.

Random Thought:
It's that time of year again. Halloween is upon us, and events everywhere are littered with 'fun-size' chocolate bars. I was eating a fun-size Kit Kat yesterday and thinking about how it compares to the big version. I am a big fan of miniaturized versions of things, but never really thought of fun-size chocolate bars as miniatures of their bigger counterparts. Is it because these smaller bars have been ubiquitous for so long that we have begun to disassociate them from the big versions?

That may be the truth of it in some part, but I realized that a true miniaturization of a Kit Kat bar would actually still contain four sticks and remain the same shape as the big version. And yet, the fun-size bar is basically just a cut quarter of the full bar. It's not miniaturized, just less. Same with a Snickers. It's actually the same height and width, only not as long. I wonder if this is because mouth feel and texture relate to ratio of size and taste, and if that is something that chocolate bar manufacturers take into account. How about those mini M&M's? The tiny ones. Those are miniaturizations of big M&M's, unlike the smaller packages of M&M's that individually are the same size as the big version.

So here's the true test. Compare a BITE of each fun-size bar with its bigger counterpart. Kit Kat, Snickers, Coffee Crisp, and Smarties are all identical. Therein I give you: not miniature.

Why is it that I am surrounded by people at concerts who are taking crazy long videos in portrait format? I mean, obviously you should be enjoying the show through your own damn eyes, but the video you're producing is going to be terrible because computer and television screens are not portrait layout. They're landscape. Every day I see another dummy filming something without turning their phone 90 degrees. It's so simple and it makes me so mad!

I should note here that it is completely acceptable to film Snapchats in portrait mode. If the final outcome is going to be viewed on a phone, the ONLY device that can be turned to suit its content, you may film in the orientation that is best suited to the content. I even saw an ad for it on the streets of New York this weekend.

I don't know what this ad is for, but it seems like a public service announcement to me. Go90!

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