Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekly Update: Busy Bee

As you well know, even when life gets busy, I always make time for a weekly update. This week has been incredibly busy, with a crazy amount of work and social stuff happening. So it's a little late, but at least I didn't hit the Sunday mark! So here goes:

Music: Long Distance Runners
My friend is an avid listener of CBC radio 2 (which is a nasty habit that I think I'm going to pick up soon). It's full of new Canadian indie music, which has been missing from my life as of late. I've been very invested in SoundCloud, which doesn't do well for indie music.

Coming out of Newfoundland, Long Distance Runners are a psychedelic/rock mix that is really unexpected and cool to hear from our east coast. I haven't heard much, but they have three albums under their belt and I hear that they tour Toronto pretty often so I'll be on the lookout for them.

I realized that it's been taking me so long to finish this Skillshare class because I've been losing interest in it as I keep going. So I am making the executive decision to put it on hold and try something else. There are lots of hand-lettering classes, so I might try one of those next.

I also found that you can use squash as an alternative to tomato sauce, which sounds super delicious. My search inspired me to add that and other recipes to an on-going google doc of recipes. I think it will be good to keep them all in one place, and to make shopping lists to prepare for each week.

As I have mentioned before, I love finding new music through DJ mixes on Soundcloud. I posted a link to a great mix by Harrison, but it was unfortunately not accompanied by a track listing. This weekend I'll be Shazamming each track to the best of my ability, and posting it here. If I feel confident enough about it, maybe I'll send the link to Harrison himself to see if I'm right. Oh, the ease of communication that SoundCloud provides.

I'll also be attending the Taves Consumer Electronics Show this weekend! Yep, I finally received my prizes from Startup Weekend in September.

Random Thought:
One of the prizes I also received was a DataWind tablet. Apparently this tablet sells for $35, and is marketed in third-world countries as a cheap way to access the internet. I suppose a lot of people around the world (and at home) opt not to own full computers or laptops, but go with portable and cheaper tablets and smartphones. This is all well and good for browsing the internet or checking your email, but what about people like me, who need full computers to create...well, stuff?

I know that Photoshop has a mobile app, and I haven't used it. I don't know a lot of designers who would opt to use the mobile version instead of the full desktop version, but that may just be a source of familiarity. And as mobile apps and phones develop, maybe designers and other creators will find mobile versions to be their weapon of choice (design on the go!). It's an interesting time that we live in.

Inspiration: Brandon Van Lare
I am surprising myself these days as I become a more active member in the Toronto Rave Community group on Facebook. I originally joined in the hopes of finding cheap concert tickets, and was quickly annoyed by the dumb posts about girls and drugs. Then, as I mentioned last week, there was a big hubbub about the stolen coats at the Disclosure concert, which was followed by a massive act of goodwill as multiple people in the group offered up their old winter coats for free.

This week, I was again inspired. This time, a poster designer named Brandon Van Lare was plying his wares by displaying a work-in-progress of the first poster in his series chronicling the last concerts at the Guvernment (a downtown Toronto venue that is now closed). Check it out below:

It's DeadMaus! The style reminds me of Shepard Fairey mixed with a bit of Alphonse Mucha or something. I can't wait to see how the final turns out.

But the important thing that I want to impart here is that a lot of people in this group (which I previously thought was the dumbest thing ever) are really kind-hearted and very talented. Inspiration truly comes from the weirdest places.

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