Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekly Update: Disclosure

Music: Disclosure
The day finally came. I got to see Disclosure live! And front and center of course. They were so spot on and the acoustics were so good, it was ideal. Not to mention the insane light show. And as you can see below they each had music 'stations' with all of their instruments around them. I had never seen something so crazy. Especially for an electronic act?! Okay, just watch this. It's an excerpt from When A Fire Starts To Burn.

The light show was SO COOL, I have so much inspiration for my Processing stuff. And it looked like it was all very doable in Processing, since it was flat colours and shapes (which Processing loves). Amazing.

I rode my bike to the store and got some groceries on Sunday. It was awesome. I used my bike lock for the first time, so I know I can do that. Now it's just those dang busy Toronto streets I have to contend with. 

And why did I ride my bike to the store, you may ask? Because I made a simple dinner from a recipe from Sobeys. Only five-ish ingredients and one pot! Too bad the main ingredient was tomato sauce. I wish there was an alternative to tomato sauce that was marginally the same. What about, like, mashed squash? Is that a thing? 

Alternatives to tomato sauce will be something to look up this week, along with two more easy recipes. I want to cook on Sunday again. I'd also like to buy a pork shoulder to make some pulled pork. Because it's been a while since I've done that!

I also didn't get a chance to finish Joshua Davis stuff, so I'll be attempting to finish that on Sunday. There's a lot more left than I thought, though, so I may not. But I want to finish it soon or take a break from it and go on to the Processing video stuff.

Random Thought:
Speaking of the Disclosure show, it was at the Direct Energy Centre in the CNE, which I did not know was a music venue. The acoustics were awesome, the floor area was big and airy (probably from the middle backwards, anyway), and the feat of putting on a big light show was definitely more reachable in a space like that, with lots of big doors to fit equipment through quickly.

I really didn't like watching uber-famous musicians play shows before, because you could never get close enough to musicians to really feel their presence (which was still the case here – they were so high up!), but the space was impressive for what it was. Even in spite of the fiasco (read below), I would still probably go there for another show. But only in warmer weather, when I know I can be close to the front. The room is so big that it's probably pretty hard to see the band from the back, especially behind so many girls on their boyfriends' shoulders. 

Another Disclosure one for you: the jacket fiasco. You may have seen on CityNews(!) that for a crowd of 10,000 attendees, only six people were staffing the huge coat check. Bedlam ensued, people broke into the coat check area, and a huge amount of coats were stolen from people who paid $4 for coat check. Not cool.

The Toronto Rave Community Facebook group, usually full of posts about 'hot' girls at shows and how to do drugs, was this time full of posts from people offering their old winter coats to strangers for free. They had heard about what had happened to these poor people and realized that they might not have the money to replace these winter coats. Especially with last winter being so cold, I can understand why they felt that these people were in need.

Of course, it would have been better if the coats had never been stolen in the first place, but I am sure those people will get what's coming to them eventually.

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