Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Update: Brand New

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Randy Goffe is a 19-year-old from Florida with some of the best electronic jams I have heard in a while. I stumbled upon one of his songs through a mixtape on SoundCloud, and have since been checking out the rest of his stuff. I really appreciate his attention to detail, especially the way he has been working so hard to get new music out after an eight-month hiatus.

This is my favourite song of his (so far). It sounds like a mix of Classixx, Anamanaguchi, and Com Truise all rolled into one.

I have finished the Jumbotron article, and will be sending it out on Tuesday. Cross your fingers! I have also been riding my bike quite a lot. I got a bell, and am learning to stand. Harder than it looks! I was able to stand while coasting for about five seconds (not bad!), but I can't pedal and stand at the same time yet. Soon!

I also really want to get back into a learning phase, so I took advantage of a $0.99 sale on Skillshare for three months, and have signed up for two Brainstation workshops in the coming weeks. September 17 is Intro to Product Management and September 21 is Intermediate Web Development Workshop. Can't wait!

The first and foremost goal of the week is to get going on the "Brew Beer Drink Beer" project. I have been given the responsibility of creating some custom typography for a big wooden shadowbox window, the inside of which will be filled with beer bottle caps and the like. I want to get the first draft out by Saturday, so I'll have something to post here.

As I mentioned above, I'm going to get back into Skillshare. I want to check out the second Joshua Davis class (since the first one was awesome). I'll have some time this weekend to get back into it with a vengeance.

I'm also going to be checking out the Wearables Wednesday Meetup in a couple days at the MaRS building. I've always wanted to check the building out since my mother went there for Doors Open, and this meetup is all about wearable recording devices. Apart from the tech, I am interested to hear and discuss about the social and privacy ramifications of wearing recording devices (that may not be easily spotted because of their design or size). Should be fun! And if nothing else, it's a beer-and-pizza-fuelled way to get rid of some of my ~800 business cards. Great!

Random Thought:
Memory is a weird thing. And it's not really even a physical thing, but more of an abstract idea. We play back events that have happened to us in our heads like tiny projection rooms that only we can access. Often, the projection room starts up a film without our knowledge or consent. Sometimes it's a happy film, sometimes not. There you are, just peeling potatoes and thinking about something that happened at work today, when you suddenly remember that time you peeled potatoes with your late grandmother. The potato peeling endeavour became a lot more sad, pretty much for no reason at all.

I wonder if we can somehow control that center in our brain that holds our memories. Why is it that I can't remember something that happened to me before I turned five, but then I get hit with a certain smell or sight and it all comes back to me for a small moment. I suppose hypnosis might be a form of this, but I've always been skeptical. I wonder if there are any Skillshares about harnessing memory. Now that would be a good skill to share.

Inspiration: Brand New Conference 2013 Branding
Brand New is a website by Under Consideration that ruthlessly critiques rebrands of large corporations and organizations. They are known to be scathing and unforgiving in their reviews, a trait also found by their readers in the comments. Everyone has an opinion.

I recently came across their very own branding for their annual branding conference in 2013. Very meta; how does one create the branding for a brand design conference? The stakes were certainly raised.

The logo is based on a 'hardcore', which is an arrangement of four letters around a big X. I'm sure, like me, you've seen it everywhere. The abbreviation of the conference, B-N-C-13, was arranged around the X is various different formations, using a 10 x 10 pixel grid as a baseline. I'm going to assume that a lot of people did not like this logo at first, but I have to say that it grew on me.

The colours of the brand were a simple black and white with an accent of strong yellow that somehow worked very well. This feels like an effective example of pushing things so far into overbearing that they become pleasant again.

My favourite part of the brand was the attention to detail. Each of the covers of the program were hand-stitched. Can you imagine how long that took? And it didn't end there.

The handles of all the goodie-bags were hand-dipped in yellow paint, and the badges were all made by hand as well.

 Look at that laser-cutting! I love it.

And it seems that the scrutinous public liked it, too. Read more (and the very interesting comments section) here.

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