Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekly Update - Marimekko

Music: Com Truise
This is a fun one. First and foremost, if you were looking for more synths than you ever thought you would need, look no further. Seth Haley is the 80's revival musician of your dreams. There is so much electronic dance wonderment that I just don't know what to do. Not to mention that his stage name is a spoonerism of "Tom Cruise," which taught me something new and gave me something to work it out on the dancefloor to as well. And the most special-est thing about Com Truise is that he is the first in a long line of the bands I am beginning to discover in my almost-religious preparation for my pilgrimage to Wayhome Festival in July. I can't wait to force my 80's New Wave-loving mother to listen to this diddy.

I think I've narrowed down my projects and where they're going to be displayed. I think it'll be really important to get viewers to see more on their phones (thank god for smartphones and data), so I will be including a lot of (tidy) URLs to urge them to check more out on my portfolio site. And hey, once a URL is typed into a phone, it's in your browser history! Falling right into my clutches...haha.

Favourite Things - poster on board, book on table, website on MacBooks.
Causes of Death - poster on board.
Expo 2025 - poster on board, app prototype on my phone (let's chat about my app!), animation on iPad
    > I may remake the app prototype in Marvel or Invision
Hear & Now - poster on board, app prototype on my phone and screens on the iPad
    > Perhaps a link right to the shareable Marvel prototype
Upfront Magazine - book on table
Flora & Fauna - plant on table
Her Motion Work - on iPad and Macs

And what is the goal, you may ask?

I want to have all of the assets done and printed by next week. I may not make it by the next update, but I'm giving myself until Tuesday. I plan to print everything out by then so I can worry about the In-Show Workshop for the rest of the week. Oh, joy! So this includes:

  • Her motion work - Friday
  • Causes of Death
    • integrating into my portfolio site
    • short film explaining what it does
    • poster designed
  • Upfront Magazine bound
  • Hear & Now
    • Marvel 100%, find linkage
    • make screen design full resolution
  • Expo
    • rework app for Marvel
...And print it all!

Random Thought:
Once I get into the working world, I know I am going to shake my head shamelessly at this thought. But here it is anyway. As I have been working at 1,000% percent capacity for the past few weeks, it feels lovely to get down and dirty into some tedious work. For example, the Causes of Death project required a lot of dataset cleaning (and still more to do). For about four hours on Sunday, I almost went crosseyed with copying, pasting, merging and clearing Excel cells. But after exercising so much creative muscle, it can be really nice to relax into some tedium once in a while.

I must sound so spoiled. I know that the working design world will probably throw mostly tedious projects at me, and I will yearn for the days of making abstract patterns out of icons representing people's favourite possessions. But, you know, we always want what we don't have.

Inspiration: Marimekko
Never before have I fallen so deeply in love with a series of textile designs. Marimekko is a Finnish company specializing in beautiful, bright and bold patterns for clothing, housewares, shoes, you name it. I want to show you a simple google image search for the company and you'll immediately see the appeal:

As soon as I saw those strawberries, I remembered that my friend has a pair of platform Converse with the same pattern. I probably shouldn't tell you that she mentioned her undying love for them, but that she felt uneasy wearing them during her high school years for fear of being the subject of strawberry-related torment. A terrible thing, to be sure. You'll get nothing but love and devotion from me considering any of these patterns. Just check out the one of the finely-drawn little calf babes!

There's nothing quite like a good bright pattern in your home or wardrobe to make your day a sunny one. Imagine waking up and the first thing your feet hit is a soft rug with a pattern of colourful faberge eggs. How could you have a bad day after that?!

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