Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kool A.D. Got Some Markers

Something wonderful happened. And I must share it with you.

You may remember my undying devotion to Das Racist, a now defunct rap duo featuring Heems and Kool A.D. from this post. A few months ago, Kool A.D. decided to try his hand at writing horoscopes (which were amazing and came true 100%), and now I've stumbled across another one of his internet gems.

I have to front this by stating that I am all about creative cross-pollenation. If you love to sculpt, try out some funky dance moves. If music is your thing, go and paint a pretty picture. See what happens. Creativity can flow in many channels, so why not take full advantage and really exercise the right side of your brain? It's all good in the creative...hood.

Kool A.D. has done just that. Okay, I'm ready to show you now. Through his instagram page, he is currently selling self-made art. And it's fantastic. I love the art itself, I love the forum, I love the titles of the work, I love the comments people leave and the overall aesthetic. It's wonderful.

Koolio posts around four pictures a day, all of different pieces of work. They run $100 each, or you can request a custom piece for double that.

Not to mention the fact that if you express interest, you'll get a personal message from the rapper/artist/whatever himself! Like, same day. He's on top of that art game now.

These pieces remind me of street art and freeform expression, which is really nice. They feel like he just sat down for a second with whatever markers he could find, and did some absent-minded scribbling. But honestly, what's wrong with that? There are quite a few that I would hang on my wall, even if just for the fact that they reveal more every time you look at them.

See more here.

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