Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Update - Bold Lines

Music: Metronomy
As a teenager, Joseph Mount began a music project from his bedroom in his parents' house that would later become Metronomy, a four-piece electronic and pop band. While their ratings do not reflect their somewhat underground fanbase, I am in love with their music. It's sort of like mixing a digitally-based, yet melodic collection of machine noises with syrupy vocals about love and loss. You've got the two opposite ends of the spectrum, and they fit together like a wrinkly hand in a velvety glove. My only regret is that I missed two of their shows last year, and I hear that their live stuff is amazing. In their beginnings, Mount once bought some small push-lights at a dollar store and taped them to the band's chests while they danced their choreographed dance. What a thing to miss!

Their music videos are also very stylized and beautiful. Check this one out, off 2011's The English Riviera.

I gave myself a lot to do last week, and by George it's almost finished!

Her motion work - finished! And a bonus credit to my social media standing. I handed it in on a recycled DVD my friend gave me when he was an 'internet pirate' for Halloween.

Causes of Death - finished! Also added to my website, complete with animated GIFs and promotional poster.

Upfront Magazine bound, and an extra Favourite Things just in case. You never know who might come in and man-handle your projects! I'd see it as a compliment, really.

Hear & Now updated for Marvel, and embedded on my website.

Expo 2025 transported to Marvel from DPS (because who even has access to that anyway), and embedded on my website.

And I'll be printing all of it on Thursday. I realized I will also need some illustration board to mount everything, and some sticky dots to get it all attached. Those will be acquired tomorrow. What an accomplishment!

I have quite a bit of freelance to catch up on after all of this grad show business is done. By next week, I need all of this done:

  • Encore invoice for website fixes and dashboard
  • Design Lattitudes map complete, with tooltips designed
  • Award competitions - ADAA early bird is due Friday, ADCC extended to April 24

Random Thought:
If you are in any way connected to a creative profession, odds are that you understand the fact that design touches literally everything man-made. From the way the toothbrush fits in your hand as you sleepily brush your teeth, to the bottle you squeeze the mayonnaise out of onto your sandwich, to the switch you reach for to turn off the lamp as you drift off to sleep. All of this is designed. Everything we interact with throughout our day has been thought of, iterated, and intentionally made to be used in exactly the way you're using it (hopefully). And if the designer did a good job, you probably didn't think about it at all. Good design is so natural that the measure of success comes from a lack of realization that an item was actually designed. I think that's why simple design is generally considered the best. Maybe I should start thinking about ways to simplify my life by design. Do I really need fifteen pairs of shoes? Well...options are good, too.

Inspiration: Meg Robichaud
Another Dribbble gem I found is the illustration of Meg Robichaud. Gotta love those bold lines! The main thing I love about what she does is the subtle shadow on an otherwise flat (yet lovely in its flatness) vectorized drawing style. A little gleam here or a small shadow there really makes her illustrations pop in a way I adore.

The one above is really special. She drew her father at different stages of his life. I love the progression of his facial hair and the hats and sunglasses he chose. I think my father would make an equally good candidate for this kind of thing.

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