Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Update - Shuffling Around

Music: The Hidden Cameras - Origin: Orphan
Another dose of weird music for sure. I found this band in 2010, and can still remember listening to them on my old iPod and wondering exactly what was happening to my hearing. Well, the me of five years ago obviosuly had different musical tastes than the one you read before you, so let's get into it.

I think the most jarring thing is the change in musical genre between pretty much every song. There's pop, country-esque, blues, and sometimes even more than one in the same song. I suppose that's what I didn't like before, but I sure like it now. You've got to check out the whole album, but I permit you to start with this doozy:

Accomplishment: Fargo Title Sequence
After all these weeks from conception to refinement to that final upload, I've got a grade-A title sequence for my beloved television series, Fargo. Why not take a wonderful movie and make it into an even better TV show? I say YES. Anyway, enough talk. Here you go.

Goal: Delegation
I've just begun my reading week and already I feel sixteen years older. I am trucking along with my workshop, information design and type in motion, not to mention the in-show event is starting to kick me in the butt. I suppose my goal this week is to learn how to do the one thing I've always sucked at - delegating tasks. I'm going to put some of this grad show work into the trusty hands of the people in my group, and see where they take it. Let's see what happens!

Random Thought:
I wonder who thought of song shuffling as a way to listen to music? I am a full-album purist and don't really like to put my iTunes on shuffle unless it happens by accident. One thing I have been doing lately is listening to a specific album, and then letting iTunes trickle down through every album that comes after that. I listened to quite a large portion of all the bands I have that start with the letter H today. And I liked it!

Inspiration: Way To Go

This is the best way to use web, at least that I know of. Way To Go immerses the viewer into a journey through the forest, complete with sights, sounds, and everything else. I loved the music and the ephemeral sound of walking along the dirt path, and even the easter egg of flying when you try to run while floating. And with the collaboration with NFB, you get a delicious assortment of films, both nature and otherwise.

I only made it this far before I worried for the health of my poor laptop. But try it yourself! On a stable computer!

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