Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Someone Else's Clothes

With sites like Buzzfeed and Clickhole clogging up my Facebook newsfeed, it's all to easy to become distracted from the important things (like using Facebook as a distraction, of course!). There are a lot of time-wasting online articles out there, and I know you've seen them, too. I refer to articles with the title "Ten Nouns That You Didn't Know Can Verb" and so on. They're usually about cats or cute kids or awkward family photos or celebrities or something nostalgic, the list goes on.

That said, I found an article that I actually found deep and fulfilling. Stop the presses! As a social experiment, a mother decided to let her three-year-old pick her outfits for her for a week. She was trying out a role reversal, as she usually takes on the task of dressing her young son on a daily basis.

Summer and her son, Rockwell

I thought that this was a really enlightened idea. It's a wonderful thing to give children control over little facets of their day-to-day lives because it instills in them a sense of responsibility and shows them that their opinion matters. Not to mention that Summer began the week with the confidence that she likes to mix and match her wardrobe. Let's see how well this worked out for her:

She wasn't too thrilled about this outfit, but I honestly really like it. Playing with patterns and transparency of layers is always an interesting combo. And I didn't even notice until I read it (as I'm sure is the same for you) but she's wearing two different shoes. So what! They look very similar. Job well done, Rockwell!

This one is a little more wacky - Rockwell chose the socks to match the dress because they both sport a flower pattern. Summer mentioned that she felt a little self-conscious going out and about in such a loud outfit, but she actually received a compliment on her socks. How about that.

The nature of this little experiment only serves to remind me (and hopefully you, too) that our outfits are not the only way to understand who we are as people. Clothing can act as something much more meaningful than simply copying trends we may see in a magazine. Not to mention, the silly outfits seem to give us more confidence than one might think. In a way, I think people respect someone who takes a chance, even if it doesn't work out as planned. Why not express yourself in any way possible?

Read the whole article (and more outfits!) here.

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