Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Update - Learnin' n' stuff

Music - Man Man
I have gotten REALLY into Man Man's two latest albums in the past few days. They're a wonderful mix of catchy pop music with stick-to-your-brain lyrics and a crazy sixteen-piece orchestral party. Many of their songs recall folk music of different cultures like waltz rhythms, tribal drums, polka, and even musical shrieking. I would love to see them live (I missed them at TURF last summer) because I hear their fans like to paint their faces white for their shows. But that's only if you're really in the know. Their newest album, On Oni Pond, contains my current favourite song below. Time for the other three albums!

I've got two this week!

1) I finally got something working with D3.JS. Check it out here. Each little node represents an item, and the entire thing is a relationship between the owners of the items. I'm on my way! Not to mention, it works on your phone, too. Try it out!

2) My editorial magazine from last semester made it into the showcase at the York U Design labs! Right in the middle, too. I'm moving up in the world, ever so slightly.

Reading week will be full of stuff I mistakenly thought I would have time to do, so I want to get really focused and make sure everything is well on its way to getting me caught up with life in general.

  • Fave Things
    • finish stories, icons and visualizations
    • input new content into book and get the file ready to print
  • Upfront Mag
    • make sure everything is ready to print
  • Make a test book for binding
  • Update letter and find places to apply for jobs
  • Skillshares:
    • Logo design with Aaron Draplin
    • Data visualization with Nicholas Felton
    • Generative design with Joshua Davis
  • Music infographics (yes, you've seen these here before) :(
  • Info 4
    • find data for project 2, sketch ideas
  • Type in Motion
    • exercise
    • ideas for project 2

Random thought
Douglas Coupland is making waves yet again with a vibrant retrospective on urbanism and technology. In this way, his art is very similar in theme to his novels. The two sites of his art, at the ROM and MOCCA, are colourful works of futuristic pop art that you can really sink your eyes into. I really enjoy these visual commentaries on the state of our being, like the sayings below. Arranged in a colourful grid, it reminds me of weird glitch art happenings (creativity derived of chance). One of my favourite 'sayings' is "You are the last generation that will die". What an interesting thing to think about!

With all of the social media and digital anchors to tell everyone who cares to know what we are doing and where we are doing it, Gen Y may truly be the last generation to die. Young as I am (for now), I have a lot of ties to the internet. This blog is definitely one of them (and don't think I missed that burgundy "your blog is futile" up there!). While I gain no legacy from this digital word-spitter, I am certainly easier to find than, say, my mother. Her only online legacy is probably the few times I mention her here. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram, her phone doesn't even have access to the internet! What a way to live. Maybe I should try it and see how long it takes for me to go crazy. Any wagers?

Inspiration: Skillshare
I must be late to this bandwagon, but I only just found out about Skillshare three days ago. Since then, I have become addicted to my one-month-free trial, and I am trying to squeeze everything I can out of it.

Skillshare is basically an online resource of tutorial videos for creatives. There are lots of topics, and not all of them are directly related to design. You've also got your DIY, cooking, writing, business practice, and more. And they're all curated and taught by prominent people in their fields. It's like having the creator of a tool come to your house and show you how to use it. I am in love.

I love learning by example, and when you have such great teachers compounded with the ability to pause and repeat specific things, it's really wonderful. As far as buying into the service goes, I feel like my momentum will probably peter out by the time the month trial does. If not, I may be tempted to fork over some money. I'll be posting some stuff to my blog, if any of this gets me some cool output. Stay tuned!

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