Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekly Update - User Experience All Around Us

Music: LCD Soundsystem
This is no new information, but James Murphy is basically a one-man band with a lot of dancey tunes. Yes, his record label DFA records did force Death From Above to add the 1979 to their name, but I still love his music. And today, I listened to every song I have by him. That's the thing with LCD, once you get started, it's hard to stop. Before you get too excited, though, you should know that James has hung up his LCD hat in favour of the occasional DJ set. He's 44, after all. Man's gotta get some sleep.

Check out this little diddy.

Accomplishment: Favourite Things website
Note that I did not include a link. Yes, it is up. No, it is not responsive. I just needed to get it out as fast as I could, so the website will probably look wonky on most screens until I fix it up right. But you should know that my Favourite Things website has been coded and exists on the interwebs as we speak (read)! And just in time to start the D3.JS coding for realz. Wish me luck.

Goal: MADE Logo
My grad show is looming on the horizon and this week, I am going to make myself (at least two) MADE logos! See some of the great ones already made below. My ideas so far:

  • play-doh
  • something with processing
  • melty beads
  • sandwich (open face to show the delicious red meat)
  • chewing gum

Random thought: User Experience
It's not just for screens anymore. There are so many lessons in user experience that can be used throughout the facets of life. My mother was telling me about an experience she had at a restaurant. Her breakfast tasted delicious - but it was all piled on a sourdough bun that was hard as a rock. She couldn't cut into it with her butter knife, or probably even a steak knife. Chefs can create taste combinations that come together to make something delicious in your mouth, but if a strange texture gets in the way of that, it's not a very good experience, is it? When the waiter came over to ask how my mother's meal was, she admitted that she had had some trouble eating the food. The waiter seemed a little surprised, but thanked her for the feedback. I wonder if she will use that information to improve the dish. I also found the following image which explains the same point through the magical form of photography.

Inspiration: Come Up To My Room
I had the chance to join a program-wide Gallery Crawl down Queen Street on Saturday in conjunction with the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. Amongst all the hidden window displays and art galleries, the definite highlight of the crawl was Gladstone Hotel's annual Come Up To My Room 'Alternative Design Event". Basically, a bunch of hotel rooms are remodelled to become fantastical art installations, along with hidden treasures throughout the building. One of my favourites was an interactive laser harp that would change sound frequencies as the user blocked the light forms with their hands. Essentially, one could shape the sound of the harp through light beams. How futuristic! Not to mention the smorgasbord of beautiful art and design that was mine to view for a small five dollar entry fee.

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