Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bulk Barn Rebrand

It's no secret that I love Bulk Barn. It's honestly my home away from home. Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite things in the world are snacks. That perfect mixture of sweet, sour, salty, creamy, Bulk Barn's got it all.

The only thing Bulk Barn doesn't have is a good branding scheme. Don't get me wrong, we all know that red and yellow is the perfect mix to make your tastebuds salivate (it's true, look it up - think McDonalds and Burger King), but sometimes your seasoned snacker (see what I did there) needs something a little nicer to look at as they scoop three pounds of peanut M&M's into a bag and wonder how they'll sneak it into the movie in half an hour.

Well, we don't need to worry about that atrocious red and yellow Helvetica any more kids, because Bulk Barn got a rebrand! And it's SUAVE. It's all black and white and there are candy icons and little funny quips and the cutest little mantra hidden throughout the store that looks like the picture below:

I'm sure you noticed the red and yellow peeking out from the top right corner of that picture. Hey, no body's perfect. But I do hope they rebrand all the stores soon! Okay, let's look at some more fun little things they do. Look at the bags!

All icon-y and stuff! I really liked the repetition on the roll of bags too, as you can see. Yep, you got your spices, soups, pretzels, gum balls, candy, cheese, tea, noodles, the list goes on. Perfection. And the icons don't stop at the bags, oh no they do not. Check THIS out:

In theme for Valentines Day! I am actually dying of design joy. Did you see how nicely typeset the bin labels are? Let's get a closer look at those.

Oh, what's that? Is it a little joke on the bin lid? YES IT IS. I have a lot more because I knew you would love them as much as me. Let's check them out.

Listen to the sign, it knows best. Okay, are you sold yet? Here, look at the soups. They're so organized!

And I'll leave you with a beautiful panorama. It's easy to love Bulk Barn! Though I should mention that it's only the location at Bloor and Bathurst for now. I hope they bring this to other stores. Although they just put a new one in near me and it's the boring old red and yellow still. I wonder if they think the world isn't ready for such wonderful design? Perhaps.

I apologize, dear reader, but I really can't seem to find the creator of this wonderful design phenomenon. I assume the information will be made more public as more stores begin to look like this one.

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