Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly Update - The First!

In keeping with the start of the year, I thought I would start something new of my own. Each week, I am going to make a little check-in post about stuff that's happening on the creative side of life. Nothing too earth-shattering, just a little way to get back into blogging again! Alright, let's see how this goes.

Music: Miami Horror - Illumination
Sometimes you just need a little nu-disco-house in your life, right? This DJ duo from Australia brings the smooth vibes. I like to listen to something a little upbeat while I code, and this matched up with the sweet finish of my new website really well. I also loved their Mashed Mix for Ministry of Sound in 2009, so it would only fit that this album is just as delicious from a year later.

The video for my favourite song - Moon Theory

Accomplishment: New Website
What a segue! Well, yes. I have finally finished my website redesign. It took about a month (although we all know December is the busiest month of the year) and I am finally happy with everything. Although I worked on it so much that whenever I scroll my mouse down to my dock, I immediately click on the Sublime Text icon no matter what I was attempting to open. But that'll go away eventually...right?

Don't click it again!

Goals: Music Infographics
Among all the schoolwork that will be mounting up soon, I think I would do myself some good to leverage out the school stuff with some personal design work I've had on the backburner a while. And the projects are twofold! On the way:
  • An in-depth look at Daft Punk's Alive 2007
  • More flow chart than you ever thought you needed concerning the many side projects of the now-defunct band Wolf Parade
I truly can't say which will be harder to make, but so far it seems that Daft Punk is easy to research and challenging to visualize, while the many faces of Wolf Parade are exactly the opposite. Who knew four young dudes out of Montreal could make such a racket of beautiful noise?

Random Thought: Finder Working Modes
This will be hard to explain, but I'm gonna try, by glob! Imagine you're working on two different projects with files located in very different places in your Finder setup. You decide to switch gears from one to the other, and begin to open your files in Illustrator, Photoshop, upload them to Dropbox, whatever. The point is that you're using Finder. Unfortunately for you, all of the 'last visited places' in Finder for all of these programs are related to the project you were working on before, not the one you're working on now. Problems. So here's my crazy thought: what if we could set specific Finder locations as the 'homebase' for specific projects we are working on. And when we switch from one project to another, Finder dialog windows will always begin at that location instead of 'last visited'. Is that crazy? Probably. Is it useful? Who can truly say unless we experienced it?

Inspiration: Geometry Daily
I didn't know this before, but all I ever wanted was a tumblr full of beautifully simple vector shapes. A man named Tilman made one of these wonderful creations every day from January 1, 2012 through to the middle of 2013. He still makes them to this day, albeit a little less frequently. A man's got things to do, I suppose!
Delicious or what!

Oh, yuh hurd that right. One half of the amazing and defunct rap duo Das Racist is now spewing out horoscopes for any-and-everyone. Much as I do not usually go for such sappy tripe, I couldn't resist reading up on that old Aries I was born under or whatever. When some wisdom spills out of Kool AD's mouth, you had better listen. Here's what he said for me:
Watch that documentary on Ai Wei Wei that's on Netflix then go to an art museum with a Cancer. If you can't find a Cancer, then a Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini or Scorpio will do. If you didn't trip on a psychedelic drug last month like u were supposed to, then do it this month with a Cancer, if possible. A Taurus, a Gemini, a Scorpio or an Aquarius would also work. I highly recommend tripping on acid in an art museum if you've never done it. Keep a glass of water in the corner of ur room that is closest to the direction of the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia. Try to empty and refill it everyday, but if u miss a few days here and there it's no big deal. Mail a postcard to somebody u haven't talked to in a while.
Done and done, Kooly. Although I couldn't find any Cancers I liked enough to take to a museum so I took my favourite Gemini. But it was on the list of approved star signs so I think I'm all good.

Who wouldn't love a mug such as this!

So, that was fun. That's your update until next week, kiddies!

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