Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Heavy Meta, Kim Kardashian's Sink & Schitt's Creek

Weekly Update 2019-28: The new Mounties album completely snuck up on me, the design of Kim Kardashian's bathroom and some witty Canadiana comedy from Schitt's Creek.

Music: Heavy Meta
I don't know how I could have missed it, but my favourite band released a full album a few months ago right under my nose. I only discovered it the other day, and I'm ecstatic (if a little late). Heavy Meta is the second studio album of the Canadian supergroup Mounties (aka one of my top ten favourite bands ever). I have already paid homage to them but this new album brings a new reason to celebrate (and hit the drums). Parker Bossley has officially joined the band, bringing a more psychedelic feel to the music and taking it in a new, freaky direction. Dig it.

I desperately hope they bring this to Toronto on tour.

Ruth-Ann had my mother and me over for tea last week before I left for the fishing trip. It was a birthday gift and especially lovely of her to host us with all her beautiful trimmings and finger sandwiches. She even bought bake-at-home scones from Kitten and the Bear - simply divine. She also got me a really thoughtful birthday gift: Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland with artwork by Yayoi Kusama. All the polka dots! I can't wait to relish the typography of every page.

After a beautiful evening in fancy finery, my dad whisked me off to Moon River to begin our week of fishing. We were a delightful trio with his best friend and fellow fisherperson Mr Smith, who is doing very well and took large part in our TWO sets of triple-headers. That makes six fish!! Which isn't even close to the total amount we caught, but amazing in its own right.

My goal is to relax the rest of the week. My dad made mention that this is their 40th anniversary fishing weekend, and there seems to be some sort of notebook that he has been keeping of his adventures. I can't wait for him to rip that one out.

When we get back on Saturday, I have a full day packed to have some massage therapy to fix my back, visit the ROM for a special exhibit, and round off the day with my first bike rave of the summer (finally).

Random Thought: Bougie Bathrooms
I am forever late to the Kardashian party but an instagram post from Kim recently made it through my filters...apparently the world is obsessed with her bathroom sink design.

A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchat 🍑 (@kimkardashiansnap) on

It is quite lovely, and somewhat interesting to know that Kanye designed them, but what I'm really focused on is how far the mirrors are from the sinks. There is like, a foot of space between them. My first reaction to this was that it would be so impractical to have to walk around the sink to perform close-up self-care tasks like makeup and hair. I would get so tired doing that, without even the skink to lean on!

But then I realized that these tasks probably take Kim (and Kanye) hours and hours to complete (way longer than I would take), so they're not doing them standing in front of the bathroom sink like I would. Of course they have a vanity area somewhere else for those kinds of things. How silly of me.

Inspiration: Schitt's Creek
After the campy Canadian comedy Corner Gas finally ended, I never thought I would be able to open my heart to another Canadian show of the same flavour. Could one even truly be made? Letterkenny truly broke through that glass ceiling for me, providing an even fresher take on what it is to live in Canada in the modern day. Yes, American sitcoms do work on some levels, but Letterkenny was something we could call our own. And I never thought it could happen a third time. But it did.

After noting my parents watching Schitt's Creek for several seasons on end, I finally decided to ignore my reservations about the dumb title of the show and give it a try. Several weeks later, I am fully caught up to present day. It's so funny and such a wonderful slice of vaguely-Canadian comedy. Not to mention, the weird and wacky humour brought by the 1970s classic SCTV returns with the re-pairing of Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as two of the four main characters. O'Hara specifically shines as a washed-up soap opera star down on her luck but unabashedly refusing to give up a shred of vapid dignity of her former life.

The show has all the charm of Corner Gas and Letterkenny with that same dad-humour flavour of jokes and plot devices. For a modern-day 30-minute sitcom, it's such a darling that I can't turn my back to the bandwagon any longer. Not to mention, the next season will be its last so there's not much bandwagon time left.

The first four seasons are on Netflix, and the full series to date is on CBC Gem if you happen to live in Canada (yay!). Watch here.

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