Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gonjasufi, Happy Cities & Christie Pits Film Festival

Weekly Update 2017-28: The hypnotic voice of psych-rapper Gonjasufi, what makes cities feel more personal, and the champion's struggle at the Christie Pits Film Festival.

Music: Gonjasufi
Otherwise known by his “real name” Sumach Ecks, Gonjasufi is an American vocalist, producer, disc jockey, actor and yoga teacher who has a hypnotic sound (beats produced by Flying Lotus), think lo-fi psychedelic beats with a low, croaky vocal tone. Ecks describes his vocal style as a product of his day job as a yoga instructor, learning to project from his belly.

It's weird, it's soulful, it's intriguing. Check out Duet and Ancestors.

I've been hard at work writing up case studies for some projects, figuring out what pieces I'm missing from other projects, and thinking about how to best present them on my website. Costing things and setting achievable weekly goals has been working well.

This week, I want to fix my portfolio's code - the layout of pieces, the pieces I display, and the footer. I've lost my grid and I need to put it back in place.

I also need to practice chanting my torah portion as we have another meeting with the cantor this week to check on progress! Fun.

Random Thought:
I keep saying I'm not using my hands enough to make crafts and do more analog processes - I wonder if I should start a stricter regimen where I set aside a day to do something with my hands, once per week. It feels good to make something and then see it in existence, which might actually be something I find missing from my job. I wonder if that's a normal thing to expect in a creative field, that you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour (in my case, digital solutions making people happy). Or is it that it's harder to see people enjoying and using my work because it's digital, wherein if my work was real and physical, I could have that sort of feedback? Something to test, for sure.

What makes a happy city? Ask 100 people and you'll get 101 answers. In my own opinion, I think it's the way a city can be designed to encourage tiny happy social occurrences more often. Things like parks, benches, patios, outdoor events, things that bring people together to share in their community.

All the fun, weird, quirky free events that bring people together for no good reason and for every good reason; those are the things I like about a city. Portland especially has lots of outdoor patios so that people can interact with each other in more meaningful ways, and a special love for cycling that in itself allows people to interact more personally in their day to day lives. I guess I'm so inspired by the inclusiveness in all senses of the word that Portland offers, and that I am noticing more and more in Toronto as well.

Take for example the Christie Pits Film Festival. Open air, PWYC, in a wheelchair and TTC accessible location, and with movies that make a statement. Plus, the event showcases food from around the city with a couple of rotating food trucks. Not to mention, their branding is so nice.

This year's theme is "the champion".

The festival will run every Sunday at 6:00pm in Christie Pits Park. Check out the website here.

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