Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Homeshake, Good Habits & Bunz Life

Weekly Update 2017-03: Grooving to some mellow tones from Mac DeMarco's live guitarist, feeling good about forming good habits, and reflecting on a year of Bunz trades.

The solo project of Montreal based guitarist Peter Sagar who spent much of 2013 doubling up as Mac DeMarco’s live guitarist, this guy has some talent. I'd classify it as cool, calm vibes for taking a bath or winding down for the evening. It's got elements of lo-fi, R&B, soul, and lots of other goodies. Take a listen below:

Well, I can't believe it but I have to thank my readers for the astounding 70+ views in under a week on my Minimalism post. I guess you guys like to read my ranting about how to simplify your life by taking a door off its hinges. Thanks for the support!

I also worked out my Toronto Design Offsite Festival schedule, and by that I mean I am so happy that my university program's Design Students Association put one together so I don't have to. You can check it out here. I'll be taking the tour on Thursday evening, capped off by a talk at the Gladstone Hotel with the opening of 2017's instalment of Come Up To My Room.

In other news, I went to an arcade bar called Tilt (at Bloor and Brunswick) and played pinball and old-school arcade games while drinking beer. By the end of it, I felt rather dizzy and out of sorts, so my accomplishment is that I didn't vomit. Highly recommended, perhaps sans the beer.

I've been prepping for my third Hackathon this week, and I think we're in good shape to make a cool product. I don't want to say more until next week when it's all over, but hopefully it'll make a good portfolio piece.

And finally, I've finished the mobile visual composites of my blog. I'll have a post on that coming up soon.

I'd like to figure out what's next for the ol' blog. It's possibly figuring out how to transfer all my posts safety to a new platform...but that will most likely have to wait until next week because I'll be spending my weekend at the Hackathon! So that's going to be my week.

Random Thought: The Fulfillment of Good Habits
As I have been forming better habits in the past while (including but not limited to taking on a more minimalist lifestyle), I have realized that creating good habits is extremely fulfilling. It makes me feel happy and whole to improve a part of my life, even if it's something as small as a better method for washing dishes or a cheap store to buy toilet paper. I think people lose sight of that sometimes, changing a habit can seem difficult and perhaps not even worth the effort on the closer side of things. Meanwhile, once I start examining how I am currently doing something, my mind begins to wander toward how I can improve it, often without even noticing what I'm doing. In fact, it might be my favourite pastime.

I invite you to think of a task that is inescapable yet cumbersome to complete, and try to imagine a better, more fun, more efficient way of completing that task. Obviously this can't be applied to everything, but I bet there's something in everyone's life that can be improved with a little design thinking.

Inspiration: Bunz Trading Zone (Again)
Yes, of course I am still using Bunz, like I said I would when I started using it about a year ago. Some people would, not incorrectly, call me obsessed with it. I was thinking the other day about all the ways it has improved my life that were perhaps not so intended by its developers.

Image courtesy of The Eyeopener.

  1. My memory is improving
    I am surprisingly good at remembering which people I am trading what for, and when and where. I actually remembered a whole slew of seven trades in one day and was on time for all of them. I surprised myself.
  2. I am meeting cool people
    All sorts of people use Bunz. I especially appreciate evening rush hour trades at Yonge/Bloor station because it's a popular time and place, and I can always spot the other buns. I like to ask them what they're trading and how they like the app while we wait together for our respective trading partners.
  3. Most importantly - I feel a renewed value for time
    When someone asks you what they should get you for your birthday, I am sure some frivolous (or even useful) items cross your mind. But with Bunz, after a year or so of heavy use, I feel like I have gathered everything I could want or need. So that frees me up to tell my loved ones that all I want from them is their time, which is 100% true. 

Thanks Bunz!

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  1. Speaking of calm vibes, Joel plaskett is coming to the danforth :)
    Nice post. Yay bunz. I like it because it makes me feel my things are going to a good home, I'm not just throwing things out to throw things out. :)