Monday, January 2, 2017

Drop Caps, Honest Ed's & Betta Fish

Weekly Update 2017-01: Welcoming in the new year with a finished visual composite of my blog, saying goodbye to Honest Ed's and the joys of caring for a couple of handsome betta fish for the week.

Music: MT. OSSA
Named after a Grecian mountain and plucked straight from 60s echo pop comes MT. OSSA. They're a modern-day Los Angeles band with an old sound. This is definitely the kind of catchy ear-bug pop music I like...just some good-feel music. What a great way to start the year. Listen below:

First and foremost, I've been wanting to take my closet door off its hinges for the entire time I've lived in this apartment. So I finally did it. It really opens up the space near my window, and I'm really psyched to have a sort of small attached side-room to my bedroom now. Considering this apartment is full of closets, I really should have done this a while ago. Also, I detached the door all by myself!

I also made a lasagna from scratch, updated my resume (because why not), cleaned out my Google Drive, and organized all my photos onto my new portable hard drive. It was a week of getting things in order.

Lastly, I got some excellent visual composites finished for my blog. Even with the typography post complete, I must say this was still quite the challenging road to walk down. Particularly the treatment of some semblance of navigation, as well as the styling of the drop cap at the beginning of an article. I debated quite a while on that one.

I'll be writing a post this week on the visual composites once the mobile version is done.

This week I want to make some final decisions on my blog design and start working on the mobile screens.

I'd also like to learn a ukulele song in time for my family's (late) Hanukkah party on the 15th, so I should probably pick something and get started. Perhaps the Adam Sandler classic?

Random Thought:
As I was cleaning through my photo library the other day, I lamented about how I feel I don't take enough photos. I thought about how I have an instax polaroid camera that takes instantly printed, physical photos, and how that might be the key to my motivation to take more. I really like the visual quality of the photos, and also the little physical printout that you get, well, instantly. So I took my camera out with me to Honest Ed's for the last little stroll amongst the scraps of what's left there. It felt like a fitting medium for the activity, since they're both quickly becoming things of the past.

A photo posted by Chloe Silver (@chloesil) on

And here's an instagram pic I took last year when the store was still full of items. I'll miss you, Mirvish Village!

A photo posted by Chloe Silver (@chloesil) on

Inspiration: Gizmo & Oberon
Gizmo and Oberon are two very special beings, in fact they kept me company for much of the winter break. No, they're not people...they're betta fish! My roommate was away visiting family over the past week, so I was in charge of feeding her fish twice a day. She left me a cute instruction guide:

The first couple of times I fed them, they were both really shy and I had to wait for them to gather up the courage to eat the fish food. But after a few feedings, they realized that I was the new (temporary) source of their sustenance, so they warmed up to me. Over time, it got to the point that Oberon was jumping out of his bowl when he saw me, which made me feel really good :)

Gizmo eyeing me, trying to lay the guilt on for more food obviously.

Once I even brought a bluetooth speaker into the room while I was feeding them, and we had a little dance party together while they ate. 

Oberon looking all pretty in front of his beloved sandcastle home.

This experience of feeding them (though I didn't have to do any of the hard stuff like changing their water) was really fun and makes me want to get some fish of my own. Maybe I will!

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