Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stratford Ct., Streetcars & Studio Super

Weekly Update 2016-15: Grooving to spacey dreamy trance music, riding streetcars, and the pixelated world of Studio Super.

Music: Stratford Ct.
I usually talk about specific bands in this wee little music section of mine, but this week, I wanted to do something a little different. As you may know, I've been using SoundCloud like a religion to find new music around the world. One of the ways I do that is by following Record Labels and music bloggers who curate the music so I don't have to.

Stratford Ct. is one of those awesome accounts I follow who always has something fresh for me to sink my ears into. Their newest ten-track compilation uncovers some new space/dream/trancey electronic dance music that I am really digging. And our friend HOME (aka Randy Goffe) is also featured! Take a listen to a couple tracks below:

This week, I went for one run (I was going to run yesterday but snow happened for some reason), actually studied the things we have learned so far in my Brazilian drumming class (about 35 rhythms so far, each with their own hand signals?!), and went on a photo walk around the Bloor-Lansdowne area, which I have been very interested in while walking around this hood in which I live. Here's a particularly popular photo I took during the walk:

A photo posted by Chloe Silver (@chloesil) on

I also made a homemade theremin with my arduino parts! It was surprisingly easy.

What you're seeing above is a photoresistor (a light sensor) attached to a speaker. When the sensor senses a lot of light, the speaker emits a higher pitched sound. Inversely, if the sensor is in shadow, the speaker will emit a lower pitched sound. Just like a theremin! Kinda!

And if that wasn't enough, I also attended an unofficial Bunz clothing swap on Friday. I got rid of some unwanted clothes, and unfortunately came back home with the same amount of clothing I left with. But I got some really nice pieces, including a merino wool black running shirt that will keep me warm in this dumb weather.

This week will be light on the goals. I am going on my trip on Saturday, so not much time to do more than get my life into working order.

There is another spelling bae at the Ossington tomorrow, which I plan to attend as long as I don't get snowed in (which would be a bummer). I am also attending some sort of charity event for my friend on Wednesday. Literally don't know more than that.

I'd also like to get some stuff onto my iPad, which I will be taking on the trip instead of lugging around my heavy MacBook, and clean off some SD cards because I have decided to take my very expensive but hardly used Nikon DSLR camera on the trip. If not now, then when?! I can't keep living in fear of it breaking or being stolen, so here we go.

iPad list:
  • podcast about the great wall
  • house of cards season 3
  • some music
  • some comics
Random Thought:
Because I am going away to China for ten days this month, I decided it wasn't worth it to buy a Metropass for April. I am pretty sad about it since I have basically had my powers taken away, but it has made me realize some things. 

First of all, while I walk in the city A LOT, I haven't been quite as active since I started using the TTC so heavily. And even though the Bloor line requires four sets of stairs for every use, I am sure that biking and walking will do me some good and help me shed this winter fat I have accrued (on purpose, for added warmth of course).

The second thing is that I have a newfound appreciation for streetcars. During the day at least, they are very frequent, and provide (almost) the speed of the subway with the added convenience of hop-on-hop-off without having to descend into the annals of the subway system. And oh boy are they a smooth ride. I find them easily as smooth as the subway, but with the added enjoyment of the scenery outside. Truly a magnificent beast.

Inspiration: Studio Super
Found within the talented mind of a man named Andy Gregg lies Studio Super. I don't know what kind of hazey acid dreams this guy has been concocting but I love them. It's all my favourite things about old school pixel art with a new-school vibe. Plus he does other stuff, too. Just check it out below.

See more on Dribbble.

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