Monday, April 25, 2016

Shit Robot, Two-Tone Fabric & Bikes

Weekly Update 2016-17: The electronic space invasion of Shit Robot, the intricacies and general mindf**k of two-tone fabrics, and all about bikes! 

Music: Shit Robot
What a terribly awesome name. Out of Ireland and onto DFA Records (which explains the collabs with Nancy Whang of The Juan Maclean and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip), Marcus Lambkin brings us the sounds of outer space that could easily become the soundtrack for a fresh remake of the remake of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Or maybe just a really good video game. If you want to zone out to some nice electronic beats, look no further.

I successfully took my first bike ride (all 4.3km of it) to drop off some library books, check out a Bunz yard sale, and scope some of my route to work. I wanted to bike to work today, but it was unseasonably cold and rainy. Soon.

I have also completed two more runs, the first of which made a really good time and the second of which scored me two plastic patio chairs off of someone's curb for the weird table that has appeared in the parking lot behind my apartment. I'm not the kind to ask questions.

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I also scored a sweet permit for my bonfire on Friday, so everything is legal schmegal. Have I mentioned how much I love Christie Pits? It's like owning a huge backyard that you always have friends visiting in.

I have begun writing up my experiences in China, which I'll eventually post with some pictures. Haven't gotten around to sorting the pictures, but I will.

The task of sorting all 2000+ China pictures is somewhat daunting, so I may leave it for the weekend. I am also going to attend the Brazilian drumming troupe's practice this Wednesday to get some extra practice in, and bike to work one day this week. Just gotta wait for good weather.

Random Thought
I have always had trouble with the idea that there are colours that our eyes cannot perceive. Apparently they're somewhere on the spectrum past magenta, and it drives me crazy. How can we understand something visual that we can't see? For this reason I've always been jealous of people who have that lucky fourth yellow cone in their eyes that widens the visual colour spectrum that they can see.

I was thinking about this the other day (as I do from time to time) and I think I've found a way to grasp it.

There are certain fabrics that look two-tone depending how the light shines on them. They've been made even more popular lately with the advent of internet memes (which colour is the dress?).

I feel that these fabrics are actually produced in a colour our eye cannot grasp, and so they appear to be two-tone. Kind of like how low-resolution monitors cannot properly display gradients, so we see banding. Personally, I don't care if this sentiment is accurate, because it helps me to sleep at night. Now whatever you do, don't bring two-tone fabric into my home. I would never do that to you.

Inspiration: MUTI
I fell in love with this gif by the talented Studio Muti, found on Dribbble (of course). I know they've already appeared on my blog (here) but they do such good work. I couldn't resist.

Apparently last Tuesday (my birthday!) was Bicycle Day. I celebrated without even knowing – I brought my bike downtown and had it tuned up at my local bike shop. As I gain confidence in my riding skills on busy city streets, I will imagine that I am letting rainbows fly from my back tire as I leave pedestrians and defensive drivers in the dust. The day will soon come.

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