Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gilligan Moss, Socks & Tanaka Tatsuya

Weekly Update 2016-07: Poppy, chanty, experimental music from Gilligan Moss, the joy of socks not having itchy tags to contend with, and peering into the miniature worlds of Tanaka Tatsuya.

Music: Gilligan Moss
I can't even remember how SoundCloud led me to Gilligan Moss, a soul/electronic outfit from Chicago. The music is poppy, chanty, experimental, catchy, and a whole lot of other things at once. And my favourite thing about music that Gilligan Moss has down is the transitional experience that the music takes you on. After listening, you feel like you've been taken somewhere far away. Listen below:

This week, I actually succeeded in getting these two examples working! I used the hardware I have to write and program a light to blink on and off on the Arduino, and to write a message in TextEdit using only one button on the breadboard.

I also attended my second class of Afro-Brazilian drumming yesterday, and paid for four more classes. I even got a blister on my finger! Not to mention my legs are killing me from moving around so much with a heavy drum hanging from my waist. Getting back into running in the Spring is going to be a challenge.

I also managed to procure a SIM card adapter, and subsequently moved my SIM card from my iPhone to a Nexus 5 I am borrowing from a friend. It's quite different from what I'm used to!

Now that the easy Arduino stuff is out of the way, I want to buy some LEDs and get cracking on some more difficult projects. I'm going to find three projects tomorrow, and buy some components on Wednesday.

I'm also going to try to use the Nexus 5 for a week, getting it to a similar lifestyle that I have with my iPhone. Jumping into the pool is the only way I'll learn!

Random Thought: Socks
Isn't it nice that socks don't have tags? If I ever find a pair that do, I'll know that the person who sewed them on is a true sadist. Obviously, sock sizes are quite a bit more one-size-fits-all than other clothing, so it would make sense for them to be tagless. They are, at the very least, the least complicated of all sized clothing, which is ironic when comparing them to the crazy sizing of their cousin, the shoe. Also, socks are so utilitarian that it doesn't dang matter where they're from, and I've never had anyone ask me "who I was wearing" on my feet..."oh these old things? They're Chanel's sock line!" I wish underwear would take a page out of the sock book and do away with all tags, washing instructions, and for that matter, those useless tiny bows, too.

Inspiration: Tatsuya Tanaka
I love miniatures so much. But possibly not as much as this dude. Tatsuya Tanaka is a miniature artists extraordinaire, with three instagram accounts for three times the excellent miniature feeds.

He even has a daily calendar page with a new miniature for each day. I'm dying! Go check out more here.

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