Monday, February 29, 2016

A.D.K.O.B., Neighbourhood Hats & Michael Buchino

Weekly Update 2016-10: Some bright indie pop with an interestingly mysterious band name, wearing the name of your neighbourhood on your head like a proud label, and some cool posters from Michael Buchino.

Music: A.D.K.O.B.
My guess: a different kind of band. In their band bio:
Apparently Damien Knights Omnipresent Bacon. A Dragon Killed Our Blacksmith. Adam Dissects Kevin Over Brunch. Aim Downward Kyle, Onya Brother. Atlas Depicts Kiev Overlapping Bosnia. Apathetic Dragon Knives Overweight Bear. Apparent Dingus Keels Over Backwards. A Different Kind Of Busy
Any of these could be the secret meaning behind the acronym that makes up this indie pop piece from Sydney. I haven't found any good indie pop lately, and the singer's voice feels like velvet in my ears. This is some good stuff.

This week, I placed a hold on an electronic drum kit at Long and McQuade. Apparently it will only be about $50 to rent the kit for a whole month (cheap!) and since they didn't have any rentals available, they ordered a new one for me. So I'll be the first to use it! How fun.

In my Brazilian drumming class, I am finally somehow getting the hang of most of the breaks and rhythms. I have been testing myself by attempting to play correctly, dance, and stick my tongue out at all the passers-by who peek their heads in the windows. And there are a lot of them. Not only that, but my teacher complimented my drumming yesterday! Such praise. See the video below:

I also attended an Intro to 3D Printing class on Saturday, which was really cool. I learned about three different modelling programs in which to make my designs, all with very different tools depending on the project one might want to build.

My ongoing list of ideas for things to print:
  • a funny zipper pull for the coat I just bought (somehow missing its zipper pull)
  • CS monogram logo keychains
  • a little planter for a succulent
  • other various TINY items because I love miniature everything
I am going to start really thinking about what to print and perhaps create some files because the next thing after getting my certification on March 16 is to print something! So exciting!

I am also going to write a blog post on what I've learned so far, especially comparing the three programs I learned about on Saturday. The contrast between them is quite different.

Unfortunately I found out the hard way that Creatron is closed on Sundays, but I am going to take some time tomorrow after work and check out all the stuff that the Home Hardware across the street sells and pick up the resistors I need for the Piezo electric disc there.

And why will I be in that area tomorrow after work? Only because I am going to a ukulele workshop! Yep, after three hours, I'll know how to play three songs on the ukulele! How exciting.

Random Thought: Neighbourhood Hats
Have you ever seen these hats? I feel like Toronto pride has been skyrocketing in the past few years, and everyone seems to be repping their neighbourhood. They're kitschy and awesome. I especially appreciate that the colours and patterns reflect the areas. Look at Danforth for example:

And of course there's one for my neighbourhood:
The truly random thought about these hats is that if you're wearing one and you get drunk and lost (hey, it can happen), some good-hearted samaritan can use the hat to return you safely home. I like to think Torontonians are polite enough to do that. It's an unwritten code!

Inspiration: Michael Buchino
I was reading an interesting article on "breaking up" with Slack (if your company's Slack has more than 30 channels, you should too), but what interested me even more than the excellent words were the even more excellent illustrations by Michael Buchino, an illustrator out of Portland (no surprise there, everything good is from Portland). Check out some of his work below:

See more on his Etsy shop.

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