Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ontario Electronics Stewardship

The coolest commercial for minor environmental change that I have ever seen:

Talk about a boring topic suddenly becoming the coolest thing ever! Techno beats and bright neon colours = both very trendy right now, not to mention getting rid of your old electronics for new ones with bright, shiny colours?

I am a somewhat young individual and I love this campaign. It's nice to know that in such a fast moving technnological age, we can find ways to make our waste less...wasteful. I am very interested in environmental concerns relating directly to things that I can do in my daily life, and this campaign certainly rings the bell. Not only did the commercial offer me a way to help the environment, but it was so catchy and eye-popping that I remembered the name of the organization and googled it later. Upon that googling, I was somewhat disappointed.

When I visited the website of the organization, I was dismayed to see an outdated, plain green layout. The website was not interactive, much less catchy and even less eye-popping. I wondered why they had chosen to revamp themselves (much needed at that) only through commercials and advertisements and then stop there. Did they think that once they hooked people enough to visit their website, that would be enough to keep them there?

And then I thought about the fact that young people these days need strong design and creative advertising in order to remember products and services. Even though something may be as important as recycling old electronics (otherwise the landfills will be full of outdated computer monitors...oh wait, they already are), I was disappointed by the plain website and promptly lost interest in the idea altogether. Does that make me a bad person? In this generation, why must something stimulate our brains to the nth degree before we choose to care about it? Maybe I'll go and give the website another look.

You should, too.


  1. Maybe they are planning to update their site soon.

  2. cool vid, simplicity is best in technology

  3. Recycle every day that's what i do.