Friday, March 18, 2011


Perhaps a trend in television commercials? I was watching the tube the other day and that silly little Premium Plus commercial came on. You know the one I mean.

I remember seeing this commercial maybe a year ago when it first came out, and I really liked it then. The fact that it is still being circuited now is fine with me, I guess, since it's not incredibly annoying as most commercials these days are.

A mash-up of two great songs, and colour theory to boot! I love the blandness and simplicity of the commercial, until Mr. Premium Plus shows up and the drab colour becomes wondrous and exciting! Although I will admit that when I first saw the commercial, I thought that it was advertising Campbell's Soup. But this is coming from the person who will only eat Premium Plus crackers with Campbell's Soup and vice versa. They just don't go with anything else. And their packaging colour is basically the same thing. Although, speaking of the Premium Plus red, the shade on the box was certainly not the shade of the end of the commercial (0:24). The colour in the video is a much richer burgundy, a little more stylish nowadays than the red on the box, which leans a little closer to its yellow component.

But what I find most interesting about the commercial is the fact that after I saw it, so many other advertisements (both television and otherwise) have been using those splash effects to sell their products. A weird phenomenon. What is it about splashing that we love ever so? I know that when I see something spill onto the floor, I feel a pang of anxiety. It must be due to the fact that I will probably be the one cleaning it up, but what about when glasses of milk or bowls of random soup spill on television? I cringe and feel a very unpleasant sensation, as though I am under the impression that I will have to clean that mess up as well.

It's kind of like commercials for bathroom cleaners or Windex or Tide. They show the before, the dirt, the mess, and I think OH MY GOSH SOMEONE BETTER CLEAN THAT UP I DO NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. And then a sponge is swiped over the soap scum or what have you, and there is a spotless line of clean cutting through the dirt. At this point I feel such an extreme relief wash over me that I must be insane.

Other commercials which I have noted to make a splash (yes, I am very punny):

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