Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amazing video

Watch this video. I dare you.

Wasn't that amazing? It's crazy to think about what technical innovation has done for film. The shadows and effects make it look so real, I actually started to think about what might cause such a phenomenon one day...maybe 12/12/12? If this were the end of the world, I certainly wouldn't be as upset as if it were caused by some lame virus outbreak or natural disaster or something. Nope, in my books, crazy pixel monster is A.O.K. for global domination.

0:18 - Hurr durr...just throwing out my old television. But wait, it wants REVENGE.
0:27 - Mom! Look in the sky! It's a big pinata!
0:44 -Why, Space Invaders, why? We could have been friends!
0:52 - Reasons why not to take a taxi in New York: 1) The fares are too expensive. 2) Shown Here.
1:00 - On second thought, don't ride the subway either. Apparently Pac Man has a taste for subway stations.
1:05 - This will teach you to play Tetris during work time! (Where is the MIDI Nutcracker music? D:)
1:25 - Pong - turned evil due to neglect. When was the last time you played? Hmm? HMM?
1:35 - Donkey Kong watched too many King Kong movies. Don't jump! Just come down and we'll talk about it!
1:42 - Frogger crossing the street is more dangerous than your grandma with cataracts and a walker full of prune juice.
1:45 - Indiana can't outrun that big ol' bomb.
2:10 - Well, who liked being spherical anyways? Cubes are where it's at now. Right?
2:20 - The credits roll, and credits blink in the lower left corner like an old arcade game. Get it? Credits? Haha.

Now, if you'll allow some deeper thought, what do you think of the negative effects of the topics raised in the video? For example, the beginning shows a couple of sad-looking bags of garbage, and a man throwing away an old tube T.V. With the shift to flat screen televisions, what has happened to all of those old electronics? Would you consider yourself wasteful when it comes to a decision between keeping the model you have now or switching to the new and improved one? (Hint: iPods.)

Next time you're playing your gaming console, watching T.V., talking on your phone or using your computer, just remember: do you own your electronics, or is that just what they'd have you believe? Why do you think they always shine that eerie red light when they're turned off? Maybe they're using that light to watch you! *Insert dramatic music here*

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