Sunday, February 13, 2011

Media Consumption Inventory

Just how much time in a week do I think I spend consuming electronic and print media? Well, I do love to consume some delicious here are my estimates and actuals.

Print Media Consumption                                                  Estimates                             Actual
Hours reading fiction                                                                               5                                               8
Hours reading non-fiction                                                                      1                                               0
Hours reading magazines                                                                       3                                               2
Hours reading newspapers                                                                    2                                               2
Hours reading internet sites                                                                 8                                               4

Electronic Media Consumption
Hours listening to broadcast radio                                                    2                                               1
Hours listening to web radio                                                                3                                               2
Hours listening to pre-recorded music                                         40                                            49
Hours watching broadcast T.V.¹                                                      12                                              7
Hours watching pre-recorded video²                                             3                                               4
Hours watching web video                                                                   1                                               1
Hours watching movies at a theatre                                                0                                               0
Hours surfing the internet                                                                    1                                               3
Hours on chat lines*                                                                              0                                               0
Hours using instant messaging                                                           1                                               1
Hours playing video games^                                                               1                                               0
Hours playing web games                                                                    0                                               0
Hours creating print/images, sounds, gamesº                            3                                             15
Hours using a cellphone/telephoneª                                            10                                               1
Hours using a personal digital assistant (PDA)~                         0                                               0
Totals                                                                                                       96                                        100

¹ This probably needs to stop...even though my prediction was high, doesn't television melt our brains?

² So...I watched The King's Speech on an illegally-made DVD. But it was just sitting on my coffee table, who knows how it got there! Not my fault that I didn't go to the actual movies. Which are surprisingly expensive considering the cost of having sticky goo removed from the underside of one's shoe afterwards.

* lines? What decade is this?

^ Ever notice that when we buy gaming consoles *cough* Wii *cough*, no matter how hard we work for them *cough* an entire summer job *cough*, they seem to become progressively less fun over time?

º Well I didn't realize that my YSDN Bachelor of Design Interview was on Friday! So of course Adobe Photoshop was running for about 72 hours straight.

ª I definitely don't have a Crackberry and I definitely am not addicted to my phone, but isn't texting just so darn convenient? *Insert devilish smile here*

~ Again, what decade is this?

So anyways, what have I learned from this fancy little exercise? Let us recap, children

  • When you're preparing for something of sizable importance, like, oh you know, a university interview, don't leave a bunch of stuff to the last minute and always check interview dates
  • See good movies in the theatre if you want to support the industry and keep watching good movies
  • Maybe I should stop watching so much T.V., addicting as good ol' Dr. House is
  • ...although I did hear a really cool band at the end of Grey's Anatomy this week, they're called Twin Sister
  • Should we think about how much media is good for us in a certain span of time? I.e. Did I consume enough media this week in order to keep up with current affairs? Or was I exposed to too much media and I didn't get the full extent of benefit from any of it
  • Of course most of the newspaper that I read was the Toronto Star and all this jazz about the revolt in Egypt, and of course I'm going to mention it...but all I could think about was the fact that the layout of the paper has begun to use red in their subheadings...that seems weird. Maybe it's just me.
Well, how did I do for my first post? Leave some comments if you want to be hounded down by me to further explain your comments. But, oh please do leave some.

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