Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clown Mask = Babes(?) friend had these really good music requests for our other friend's birthday party, and I was looking them up on YouTube to see if they were worth putting on my iPod. Innocent enough, right? Wrong.

I found this little gem.

I don't know what the hell is going on here, ok. It gave me some nightmares I won't be able to shake for a while, I can tell you that. There's just something weird about mixing loud/scary (but also good) club music and computer-edited strobe lighting of you dancing alone in your room with a clown mask on. If this guy is so freaking good at mixing beats, why is he alone in his bedroom with turntables and nothing on but a wifebeater and basketball shorts? I am very confused and scared. At times he uses lame effects like colour inversion and whatever you call the thing that happens at 1:10...I guess this is meant to match the type of music he plays during that section, but there seems to be some discrepancy between audio and video. At least to me.

I still can't figure out the bedroom thing. I am constantly expecting his mother to come in (perhaps in a matching but more wrinkly clown mask) and nag him to turn the music down and take out the garbage or something. This kid looks like that quiet boy who sits by himself in the back of your math class. You don't know a thing about him, but he secretly moonlights as a bedroom dj and has a million subscribers on YouTube. We just never know, I guess.

A rundown of some interesting parts:
1:10 - Do not adjust your set and your eyes are fine, the colour spots begin.
1:30 - Let's all do the funky chicken (haus style of course)
2:50 - Running on the spot with finesse. Eric Prydz is so 2004 anyways.
4:10 - Weird space-chasm stuff. Isn't this a Photoshop filter?
6:40 - An intro to lyrical dancing 101. "When the music says "me" or "I", point to yourself!"
7:40 - Whoa! Imagine if the whole world was colour inverted. The clown mask looks a little less scary!

But as we all know, music is about what we hear and not what we see. Not knowing too much about Electro House music except for Benny Benassi, I did actually really like this mix. I am not the person to ask of whether this really is a good representation of the genre throughout 2010, but it's pretty good and I would dance to it. If it was indeed Sir Clownington mixing the beats (as he did seem a little preoccupied with dancing), I give him props for his clean beat matching and smooth sound in general. The video has a lot of views and there are others like it in his channel which are also popular, so I guess I say all the power to this dude. Right on, scary clown guy. I'll send you the bill for my psychiatry sessions.

P.s. what do you think of these alter-egos that DJs have? Anyone come to mind *cough* Deadmau5? Are weird masks the new, oh I don't know, gold $ chain necklaces? Would you be this guy for halloween? Would you DJ in a mask? Would you do your dayjob right now in a mask? All very relevant questions to our daily lives.

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