Sunday, December 1, 2019

Moe Shop, Weird Secondhand Finds & Adam Wallacavage

Weekly Update 2019-48: Future funk disco from Moe Shop, the joy of sharing the weird things one finds at secondhand stores and the beautiful light sculptures of Adam Wallacavage.

Music: Moe Shop
What could be better than a mix of two of my favourite kinds of electronic music? Future funk overlaid with anime soundclips from Japan combines with disco/house electro from France to make this fresh electronic sound from Moe Shop. He himself is French, though you wouldn't be able to tell considering the album art, song names and lyrics all looking super cute and anime.

A Google Image Search for Moe Shop reveals lots of pretty anime girls.

I first noticed my friend Sasha listening to Moe Shop on Spotify, so thanks to him for bringing the music to my notice. Sasha likes the tonal differences between songs, a little experimentation in electronic music gives Moe Shop the ability to make his mark in the genre. Plus, collaborations with great vocalists always add to the range - especially on the track Lovesick featuring maisou.

Vena always seems to be hosting some sort of event after hours to get our brand a bit more integrated into the Toronto tech scene. We're nicely located near the Go Train and have a pretty cool office/building space, so it provides for some good opportunities. This past Tuesday Vena hosted WomenHack for a networking and speed-interviewing event. I volunteered to give tours of our office and answer any questions from design/tech candidates.

Setting up for the night!

It was great to meet so many inspirational young people, and as a bonus my friend and past associate instructor Brit surprised me with her attendance. I had just been thinking of reaching out to see how she was doing, and here she materialized right inside my office building. It was a really great evening.

While I don't really celebrate Christmas, I know there are some present-giving occasions coming up soon like Michelle and Sam's wedding, my friend group Secret Santa and Larissa's birthday. My goal is to get all of their presents together this week so I don't have to worry about them arriving late - especially the Secret Santa gift.

This week also brings the second-last week of class for the semester, which is the final lesson-based class. Week 10 is devoted completely to final presentations, and I'm thankful for the three volunteers who will be presenting this week. We'll have enough trouble getting people to stay on time as it is, and there are always technical difficulties as well.

Random Thought: Weird Secondhand Finds
Another in my series of devotion to a niche set of Facebook groups: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared. This one contains exactly what its title promises - the weird and wacky (but mostly tacky) finds of various secondhand and thrift stores across the world. They are most situated in the suburbs of America, which is fair due to their love of tacky kitsch and collecting it to the point of absurdity at that.

A beautiful corgi dish

Posts of members trying on their finds are awarded special praise.

Some finds are a bit creepy or haunted...

These are all winners, let's be clear about that. But what I am finding really special is the DIY nature that occasionally pops its head up. Yes, the young millennials are taking to the thrift stores to reduce their carbon footprint and save a buck or two. The results of this additional layer of society to the tacky suburban ephemera gives us a stunner like you see below:

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Just to be crystal clear about what you're seeing above: it was originally a kitschy wooden wall handing with some cute (yet arguably square) geese, welcoming you to what would presumably be one's kitchen. Someone most likely donated it to a thrift store in its original inoffensive condition, only to have another person buy it and re-imagine the visage you see above. The geese have seen some things in that kitchen over the years and are now hardened. It's fantastic.

What's great is that the group has 1.4 million members at the time of posting this post, and I've definitely seen people I know in real life lurking around the posts. Geese of a feather flock together, I suppose!

Inspiration: Adam Wallacavage
I do have a penchant for sea creatures, but these lighted works by American-born Adam Wallacavage are simply beautiful.

A post shared by Adam Wallacavage (@octopus_chandeliers) on

Wallacavage's octopus theme as transposed onto light fixtures makes natural sense as all the tentacles make great chandelier arms. He pushes the concept even further and somehow reinvents it with each piece, spanning styles from kooky to chic.

I love the playfulness of the concept, and how it brings nature into the home in an interesting way. Check out more on his Instagram.

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