Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Laura Sauvage, Picking Fruit & Anime North

Weekly Update 2019-22: A kickass Anime North weekend along with Laura Sauvage, a badass singer and the best ways to pick the best fruit.

Music: Laura Sauvage (Badass Women Series)
Spotify has delivered another wonderful playlist to soothe my political unrest in these troubling times: a whole set of songs with leading vocals and guitar by badass women. It features a lot of the bands I've profiled on my blog before like Snail Mail, Jay Som and Chastity Belt along with new favourites to add to my collection. In times when laws are being repealed to take more and more control from women over their own bodies, I need this music to connect to my fellow women in our creative struggles against corrupt governments and political parties.

One particular winner from the playlist is Laura Sauvage - the sweet little solo project from Vivianne Roy of Les Hay Babies. I like how her song Everything Is In Everything straddles the line between a cute little pop song and a psychedelic banger beat...kind of off the wall, but cool. Not to mention, Sauvage is based on Montreal and from New Brunswick!

Erika returned the favour I paid in March and visited me this week! She came in for Anime North but was gracious enough to spend most of her time with me (because I'm the luckiest person ever). Among other things, we walked all the way to Chinatown on a chance to find a copy of Pokemon Heart Gold and then went for dim sum at Rol San. I hear the Raptors have been doing well in basketball lately, even celebrating at the restaurants I visit (I always knew I was a trendsetter). Check out Serge Ibaka visiting only a couple days after us!

Pooped after our first couple of days, taking a Ringolo nap.

On Monday, I took the afternoon off to explore Ontario Place together. I can't believe how much cool stuff there is behind the island on the far coast.

Five short days and then she was gone. I guess I'll be visiting her next, and maybe it won't even be Vancouver!?

This weekend will be super-crafty. Larissa got a Cricut machine and we're going to test out some paper flower templates to make her bouquets. I'm also super excited to visit Ikea because I never get to go there and I need new bedsheets and a big frame for a poster.

Random Thought: Picking Fruit
One of the things I remember about my grandfather from before he passed away was his uncanny ability to pick fruit. He was a grandmaster in picking cantaloupes. Though admittedly they're still not my favourite fruit, as mango season rolls around I find myself wondering if he would have been good at picking a ripe mango or avocado.

With age comes experience (and hopefully wisdom), so it would follow that many elderly people would possess the skill to pick fruit. This seems like a low-cost, low-effort, high impact way to give elderly people something to pass the time as they retire. Let them hang out in the fruit sections of supermarkets where it's air-conditioned and there's lots of people around, and they can pick fruit for customers if they so choose.

It's a win-win for everyone really. Who wouldn't want a grocery grandmother to pick their grapes and gooseberries for them?

Inspiration: Anime North v2.0
Yep, this was my second year braving the intense weekend that is Anime North. Squishing too many people into one small hotel room, climbing a big muddy hill to get from one place to another, making sure my cosplay was on straight, and just general silliness that happens when a bunch of adult-aged animation admirers get together to play dress-up. This year I wanted to actually create a costume, so I decided to be a female version of Waluigi, as per the gender-bending crown from the Bowsette meme. Waluigi's character was actually invented for the game Mario Tennis so that Wario could have a partner to play with (oh, lonely Wario), so I had a tennis variant as well of course.

On Sunday, we all dressed up as platelets from Cells at Work.

I even expanded my Animal Crossing Amiibo set. Can't wait to nab KK Slider next year.

After taking several days to catch up on sleep, I can now look back on the weekend with some clarity and say it was a lot of fun! Until next year...

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