Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Crowleys, Cottage Mood & Influences

Weekly Update 2018-35: Psychedelic reminiscings of summer from The Crowleys, enjoying the camraderie of the cottage mood, and a new way to discover old music.

Music: The Crowleys
From Hamilton, Ontario comes and quartet of four dudes with their own modern take on sunny psychedelic music. From their Bandcamp page: "The Crowleys are four good boys that enjoy looking for an Old Milwaukee Ice sponsorship, playing D&D in the van between gigs, and writing love songs." I don't know why Autumn always feels like the right time to listen to psychedelic music, perhaps because the mood reminds us to cherish the last warm days before Winter.

The Crowleys will open for Sugar Candy Mountain tomorrow night at the Baby G as a sampling of late-September's Night Owl Music Festival - an exploration into all things psychedelic and musical.

So ends the fishing season (at least for me). I was lucky to get two weeks of great fishing in this year, including what may have been my best fishing day ever. I caught three smallmouth bass within about an hour, each of which at least 2.5 pounds. Made for some good eatin', let me tell you. There truly is nothing like eating fresh fish that you caught the same day.

My drumming band was invited to play at a wedding this weekend, which I thought was really nice. I will take any excuse to celebrate love, even amongst people I don't know. So it was really cute to listen to all of the family's stories about how the couple met and so on, plus I think they really enjoyed our performance.

My favourite part was when the capoeira dancer thought he could make a running jump over the bride and groom while they kneeled on the dancefloor, which ended in him needing to volley off the groom's back and kicking the bride in the face. She managed to laugh it off, though. I don't know if I could have!

You may recall my earlier blog post about Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese process of mending broken pottery with gold. On top of the beautiful results it produces, the process also brings note to the added beauty in objects that are broken. I am obsessed with the ceaselessly interesting visual appeal of such pieces. The Gardiner Museum actually has a modern-day Kintsugi sculpture created by none other than esteemed Canadian ceramicist Shary Boyle, and I hope to check it out while biking to and fro through the city this week.

I've also really got to get a first-draft sketch done for this Geofilter project!

Random Thought: The Cottage Mood
Having freshly returned from my second fishing trip of the summer (lucky me!), I noticed something really heartwarming about the Muskoka area in general. Of course, it does provide a calming atmosphere just through the sheer beauty and quiet of the area. Sitting in a boat on a quiet lake and listening to birds really provides a meditative mood. I do think this is true for others as well, since it seems like everyone I interact with also seems very chilled out and friendly. My favourite depiction is found when two boats pass each other on a body of water. There is an unwritten rule in the camaraderie of waving to someone and having them wave back.

It happens almost every time and it's really nice. You just don't see that kind of thing on roads (even amongst cyclists sadly). Maybe I should try to popularize it in the city and see if it catches on...

Inspiration: Influences
I've really been trying to keep up with my weekly release radar of new music, but it always hits me with a pang of guilt that I don't actively search out old music (that is new to me). If a song doesn't interact with my ears by the time it's a year old, does that mean it's no longer worth discovering? Surely not.

But how to find old music? That's where a pretty cool app with an unfortunate name comes in. Called Inflooenz, you can enter in the name of any band and get a list of their influences so explore some of their musical history. I think this is cool for a bunch of reasons!

The lead singer of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker, is known to be an amazing musician with a vast music collection. Since I love his music, I'd love to know more about his influences and the bands he listens to. So I type the band name in, and find a bunch of new-to-me old music that is custom-selected for what I already like.

This is a form of understanding our favourite music on a historical level beyond the surface sounds we hear.

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