Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Darius, Bike Lane Shaming & Grow Op 2018

Weekly Update 2018-17: Finding focus while listening to Paris-based producer Darius, shaming car drivers for parking in bike lanes, and the natural beauty found at the Gladstone Hotel's Grow Op 2018.

There was so much beauty at the Gladstone this weekend (and good opportunities for selfies).

Music: Darius
Paris-based producer Darius is the next on my future-funk disco journey of April. The absence of lyrics in his smooth, layered sounds makes for great concentration music. It's not super complex music, which I really like. He can do so much with not a lot of sound (or what seems like not a lot). Listen below:

Favourite tracks include Maliblue, Vanyll and Espoir.

This weekend my family took me to Buffalo for the day to do a bit of shopping and eat at my favourite restaurant ever (Cracker Barrel). I also got to witness a server at a Sonic Drive In Restaurant on roller skates, which was amazing. Yes, I guess they still do that! We also attended a church rummage sale (in Canada) where I found some amazing clothes.

If you read last week's post, you'll have seen how I was able to bike to a Bunz trade with a stock pot strapped to my torso. Well, I traded that stock pot for some amazing curtains, that I have installed in my bedroom window. I am beginning to really love this corner of my room. It's got a huge amount of plants and a cute chair that I sit in to look out the window as I put on my socks in the morning. If only I could knock out the whole wall to make a huge sliding glass door, it would be perfect.

Plants, cute curtains, stained glass; all my favourite things.

This week, I am attempting to get out two pieces of freelance to my clients for a first round of review. I've got some time on Thursday and Saturday, but hoping to get it all out in one evening, as there's not a ton of work to do.

Random Thought: I Parked In A Bike Lane
No, not me. I don't even own a car! But I did find an interesting bicycle-related movement that actually has roots in Toronto - though originally found in a global Facebook Group called Two Wheeled Memes for Bicycle Oriented Teens. As a cyclist, it can be really frustrating to go out of one's way to ride along a street with a dedicated bike lane, only to have to swerve dangerously in and out of car lanes because a car has parked in the bike lane.

It happens quite often in Toronto. So this movement has provided stickers that cyclists (or whomever) are encouraged to put on cars as they encounter them blocking cycling lanes. While I would be much happier if these car drivers realized and/or cared about their actions affecting others, I still feel that this sticker would probably only enrage them further instead of inspiring empathy. I am torn.

I would be happy if the stickers were easy for drivers to peel off, since they are already something of  a loud statement...I'd be interested to get more opinions on this actually. Since most of you readers are my Facebook friends, I invite you to drop me a message and let me know what you think of this.
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Inspiration: Grow Op 2018
As is my yearly birthday present to myself, I went to the Gladstone Hotel this weekend to bask in the plant-based art and design that is Grow Op. It's an annual exhibition housed inside the hotel rooms of the Gladstone (similar to January's Come Up To My Room exhibition), comprised of all sorts of exhibits relating to nature, plants, humans and sustainability. And it's gorgeous beyond words. Every year I am amazed at the lovely creations in the rooms and along the hallways.

Crazy perforated images laid over mirror. They made these amazing texture.

Good for selfies too, natch.

I love roosters. They're my Chinese zodiac animal, too.

Tiny images inside these sort of telescopes. You could focus your eye on the image or the real scene outside the window, it was very cool.

A hanging tribe of bees' nests (manmade from beeswax) with a hidden speaker humming the tune of the bees. It smelled and sounded wonderful. I literally stood under this for about five minutes.

This tiny dollhouse had a video playing in the room, but it would only turn on if it sensed a face up close in front of it. It invited voyeurism, which was a bit creepy and intrguing.

This woman filled a tiny room with spider plants, explaining the natural good effects of having them around. She also gave out vials of spider plant babies. I planted my baby in the pot that my other spider plant lives in now.

A lovely hanging cocoon for a person to stand within, become enveloped, and reflect. The quality of the natural light of the room added to the effect.

One of a series of "table settings".

This room was filled with interesting decorations and functional objects upcycled from discarded clothing. Our fast fashion consumerism is becoming quite an issue. I learned that Toronto doesn't even have a proper recycling system for garments.

Green gloves as palm fronds! So cute!!

I loved the blacklight of this room. The glowing boards represent the damage caused by erosion.

I already think of nature as the ultimate portrayal of beauty and creativity, and the human lens of nature-related art is such a lovely thing to be immersed in. Check out more about Grow Op 2018 on their website.

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