Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Todd Terje, Mixing TV & Bendik Kaltenborn

Weekly Update 2017-42: Norwegian everything! Groovy disco from Todd Terje, what happens when two well-known television shows of different genres mix, and the amazing illustration of Bendik Kaltenborn.

Music: Todd Terje
More Scandinavian music coming at you. I've talked about Space Disco as a really fun sub-genre of electronic music out of Norway, and Terje Olsen aka Todd Terje is making waves. I love the silly sound of his name (sorry not sorry) and songs, which are so Norwegian. Well, he doesn't take himself seriously and so why should I? Read more on his amazing album art in the inspiration section below. This music is really fun and easy to listen to. It's just the right bit of weird, mixed with equal parts danceable beats and slow, sad songs that might bring a tear to the dancefloor.

Check out Ragysh, Inspector Norse, Strandbar, and Alfonso Muskedunder.

Last week was a biggun' for me. I had the pleasure of hosting my family at Temple Sinai Synagogue for the culmination of my journey to my Bat Mitzvah. The evening was really special and as I later confessed to one of the two ladies who embarked upon this journey with me, since I went on my birthright trip in 2015 and decided I wanted to have my Bat Mitzvah, I always pictured doing it solo. It felt like such a personal experience, so why go through the process with a bunch of other people, whom I barely knew?

Little did I know that Lisa and Barbara would shape my experience for the better in ways I never even imagined. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their companionship and for sharing their bat mitzvah joruney with me. The experience was far better than I think it would have been making the journey by myself, and I will cherish that forever!

Right after my Bat Mitzvah, I was on a plane to New York for their annual Open House New York Weekend (similar to Toronto's Doors Open in May). You can see a custom map of what we did this weekend here.

Last night, I finished the final class of the communication workshop I had been taking with Misha Glouberman, which was simply wonderful. I learned so many things and just need to make sure I retain them all.

Lastly, Swash & Serif accepted my piece into their exhibition! It'll be showcasing on Thursday night (when the opening party is), but you can visit it at the Northern Contemporary Gallery until next Wednesday. More info here. I'll post a picture of my work in next week's update. In the meantime if you can't wait, you should go see it in person! It's 3D. :)

This is also a busy week for me, fitting in all my chores with working full time again. I'll be attempting to get all my thoughts down from my Bat Mitzvah journey, my New York trip, and the six week communication workshop. Lots of writing.

Other than that, I'll be attending the opening party for Swash & Serif tomorrow night, and taking the rest of the week easy. On Saturday night, I'm taking my sister and her boyfriend on a spooky lagoon tour through Toronto Islands, which should be fun.

Random Thought: Mixing TV Genres - robot chicken and walking dead
If you're a fan of Cartoon Network's claymation/stop-motion wonder Robot Chicken and the gore of a television show that is The Walking Dead, you're in luck. There is a hilarious crossover episode of Robot Chicken in which all the Walking Dead characters are animated from plastic dolls, with the real actors voicing them. Not only is it a mixture of one of my favourite types of animation with characters from a story I enjoy, but many of the now-dead characters make an appearance in the one-off Robot Chicken episode. It's also technically the 100th episode of Walking Dead, if you count it. (They don't).

Watch the full episode here.

According to this article, the Robot Chicken co-creator Matt Senreich and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman have an "annual dinner" every year at San Diego Comic Con, and this was an idea from their dinner together.

I think it's great! The two shows: one being so super-serious and the other basically, the opposite of that. They complement each other perfectly.

Inspiration: Bendik Kaltenborn
As if I didn't already love Norway enough, the album art of Todd Terje's music is created by his friend and fellow Norwegian Bendik Kaltenborn. I absolutely love all of it.

He even made the music video for Todd Terje's Alfonso Muskedunder:

His Instagram account is the one to watch, which he updates quite frequently.

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