Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Palehound, Flowers & Studio Noyes

Weekly Update 2017-24: I know it's summer because my skin is already burnt. Sounds to match from Palehound, along with some lovely flowers in strangers' backyards and the excellent work of Portland's Studio Noyes.

Music: Palehound
This is some lovely summer music. Out of the mouth of Ellen Kempner and into your ears, each of her songs encompasses a different and distinct feeling of summer. She drifts between ocean waves and the sun on your skin to restless evenings lying in front of an air conditioner. The guitar licks are a little weird and unexpected, which makes me like her sound even more.

I have sorted out a few studio tours for my visit to Portland next week (including Studio Noyes – see below), which is making me really excited for my trip! I also have a bunch of (loose) plans for weird things to do like visit the Vacuum Museum and the World's Smallest Park.

At my mother's request for accompaniment, I joined her for two full days in the sun of wandering through strangers' backyards. The program is called Through The Garden Gate, where different neighbourhoods are showcased through their dwellers' lovely landscaping treatments. Saturday was Niagara-On-The-Lake (seven lovely and vast gardens) and Sunday was Rosedale Valley (over twenty smaller and equally lovely gardens, spaced closer together).

A stunning iris in a backyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

I have to finish packing for my trip, and researching some final things for the places I'm going to visit in Portland. I hope to gain a good pound or two of delicious food, like from Salt & Straw Ice Cream.

I'll also set up my blog redesign code so that I can work on it offline, and also perhaps spend an afternoon in Portland working in a cute coffee shop if the mood strikes.

Random Thought:
My prayers have been answered; Fleet Foxes have released a new album called Crack-Up. But wait, this isn't the music section; I want to talk about a very polarizing review from Stereogum by Tom Breihan. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and, since I haven't heard the full album yet, I can't comment on the article itself beyond the fact that Breihan has certainly divided the readers of Stereogum. Personally, I like articles that get people talking.

People like the lead singer and songwriter of Fleet Foxes, Robin Pecknold. Yep, he wrote out a lengthy response to the article and posted it right in the comments section. I love the idea that artists and their fans (and critics) can have free discussion through the advent of the internet, somewhat devoid of trolls and people posting just to get other people angry.

Inspiration: Studio Noyes
A design studio with a focus on footwear (my secret love) that I have been ogling is Studio Noyes. Based in Portland, they churn out all kinds of delightful shoe-related stuff. 

I guess there's something endearing about design firms that specialize in something very niche, and put all of themselves into that thing. What's better than shoes?

I can't wait to visit Studio Noyes next week on my adventure to Portland. More on that as it unfolds! Until then, check out their website.

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