Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pacosan, Coding & The Red Turtle

Weekly Update 2017-06: Buying a record based on the album art, the gradual degradation of quality of work over a night of coding, and watching the new Studio Ghibli movie at the TIFF Lightbox.

Music: Pacosan
I was strolling the aisles of Sonic Boom this weekend and actually ended up buying a record. This is pretty surprising because I don't own a record player, but I liked the album art so much that $4.00 was worth the price of whatever this thing might sound like. I have since downloaded the album from Spotify, and it's pretty good. All I need is a 12" square record frame to display it in.

Pretty dreamy, right?

The process of coding my blog has begun! I have completed the component for home page posts, which was pretty easy (though it did take some time to get started). I also added SCSS to my portfolio, but haven't actually moved my existing stylesheets yet. That'll be a task in itself.

I also finally got a shoe organizer for my closet door. It is the MOST organized. Here's a picture of it.

I haven't yet begun my report for my company to send me to Vancouver, so that'll be happening this week.

I also have some free time this weekend so I'll be continuing the code for my blog.

Random Thought: Coding
As I was working on my blog code last week, I realized that over time, your brain slowly begins to shut down. It takes a varying amount of time depending on the person and the project, but every once in a while when I would take a break, I noticed how intensely tired it was making me.

Coding often feels like a naturally fluctuating process: you take an hour to figure something out which almost always seems obvious from the other side. Then you spend 15 minutes tweaking it to be exactly what you want. Rinse and repeat. The process is somewhat gruelling.

I wonder if there's a way to counteract this somehow. I know that it's important to stand up and walk around at regular intervals during desk-based work, but that only really helps with the physical problems. What about my poor strained mind?

Inspiration: The Red Turtle
A new release from Studio Ghibli, I came across the listings for this movie by chance while perusing the TIFF website. It's quite a different sort of movie from the likes of Spirited Away or Kiki's Delivery Service.

First of all, the animation style is a departure from the classic Ghibli style to which I am accustomed. Ink-dot eyes and subtle noses bring to mind the works of Tintin. The film actually begins with a Studio Ghibli logo against a bright and rosy red background instead of the usual sky-blue – signalling the film is not part of the Ghibli canon, but a co-production. In fact, this is the first ever co-production of the studio, commissioned after Father and Daughter by the London-based Dutch animator MichaĆ«l Dudok de Wit (who is also the director of The Red Turtle)

While quite the departure from the usual Ghibli classic, this movie did not disappoint in the true Ghibli way of storytelling through subtle visuals. The film is actually devoid of any verbal language at all, apart from the rare exclamation. This allows for the unspoken story to truly shine along with the beautifully crafted backdrops of gem-blue ocean, bright green forests and hazy grey skies.

This film is absolutely worth seeing on a big screen to envelop oneself in the world created by Dudok de Wit, a tiny tropical island upon which a man has become shipwrecked. I really don't want to tell you any more than that except to go and experience it yourself.

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