Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Parquet Courts, Playing Drums & Logo Pizza

Weekly Update 2016-37: The strange yet genial lyrics of NYC band Parquet Courts, finally playing my first show with the Brazilian drumming band, and eating a logo pizza. Yum!

Music: Parquet Courts
An American rock band from New York, it's certainly been a while since I've listened to some straight-up rock music. I like their tinge toward country mixed with some...simply, weird stuff. It kind of reminds me of the band Cake, because their lyrics are really strange but clearly sung and rhythmic. One of their songs even has a meditation exercise in the middle of an instrumental break. This song...well, if there's dust everywhere, you gotta sweep!

And the best part  – they'll be in Munich when I'll be visiting. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to Munich?

My boss finally approved a conference I showed him, which means I am going to Munich at the end of October! I am so excited. As mentioned above, it would be really nice to see a band play while I am there, such as Parquet Courts or even Digitalism (native to Hamburg), both of whom are playing shows in the city during my stay.

This weekend was a very special one, because I played my first 'big' show with the Brazilian drumming band! Yep, three sets in the sun, surrounded by people visiting the Cabbagetown Street Festival. I only made a couple of mistakes that I don't think anyone even noticed, so I feel pretty accomplished. Check me out below! (Thanks to my roommate for filming it.)

I also got new glasses this weekend, which was a monstrous accomplishment considering I purchased the frames in April in China. Here's my obligatory selfie:

This week, Designer News (the main online source for, well, design news) is hosting a meetup in Toronto. As I always say, if only for the free food and beer, I'll be there. The same night is the only chance I have to go to the Swash and Serif Typography show (which happens to be down the street from the meetup), so I am attempting to go to both on Thursday.

I am also heading up to good ol' Temple Sinai to learn about the course I need to take to do my bat mitzvah. L'chaim!

And at the end of the week, my company is taking us to a camp up north for the weekend! I have marshmallows ready for toasting over the campfire already. Yum!

Random Thought:
I went to another round of Trampoline Hall today. For those only tuning in now, Trampoline Hall has nothing to do with trampolines. It is instead a monthly lecture series in which three people speak for ten minutes each on a topic of their choosing which must not have anything to do with something for which they are paid. In other words, amateurs. But the best part is certainly the Q&A session that comes after each talk. Some of the audience questions are ruthless.

Anyway, the actual random thought of this segment: the last speaker was discussing the feeling of work, and how some people love their job while others don't. She was sort of rambling along, and didn't really come to any point or personal opinion on her notes, but I rather enjoyed her talk nonetheless. She made some good observations on how the work/life balance should really be seen as more of a work/leisure balance. Sometimes we do things for a purpose, whether it be to go to work or to bake a cake. Other things, we do just because we want to. This can include watching TV or going for a walk. The product received from doing these tasks is not tangible. I try to bring a mixture of these sorts of things into my life, and try not to focus too much on an eventual goal or well-founded reason for doing some of the things that I do.

Sometimes, it's nice just to do things because they feel good, kind of like writing this segment of my weekly update. Sometimes it's inane and a tad incoherent, but I actually try not to edit this particular section too much because in the end, it is sort of a random thought.

Inspiration: Logo Pizza
How much would you pay for a logo? Well, it depends on the logo and purpose, right? This insane website sells logos at $20, but the price goes up by $20 with each sale. At the current time of the writing of this post, the price of any of the logos still left is $560. But are they really even logos? Or are these simply illustrations that were created with no intention of being used for a specific purpose (which some might say makes them useless).

Still though, an interesting idea if nothing else. Maybe you want to buy one? Better be quick!

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