Monday, March 7, 2016

Carpenter Brut, Christie Pits & Toronto Bingo

Weekly Update 2016-11: Poppy French disco for all your...poppy French disco needs, the real reason behind Christie Pits Park's name, and the best instagram account in Toronto.

Music: Carpenter Brut
This is some weird stuff. It sounds like a slightly more poppy Justice...but I can't quite place it. And of course, this artist is also from France, just like Justice. If you like a bit of metal, techno and synth all mixed together, you'll like this.

Well, I probably over-extended myself last week. The Daniel Clowes talk, a ukulele lesson, I got a rock climbing membership and rented, transported and set up an electronic drum kit. I also got dragged clubbing (which wasn't terrible!) and went for a nice walk in Christie Pits.

It's all manageable, but I knew I needed to make myself a calendar to remember everything that was happening, and to schedule the rock climbing and drum kit especially so that I would get my money out of them. And so, here it is. Crazy, I know.

I also managed to get to Home Hardware to buy the resistors I need for the Piezo electric disc. That Home Hardware is a confusing place for sure. It took me half an hour to find the small piece I needed along a HUGE wall of tiny drawers.

In accordance with the calendar (but it isn't 100% strict) I will attempt to go rock climbing twice before my membership finishes. I also want to build the piezo electric disc experiment and start a Wordpress Arduino blog on Sunday.

Random Thought: Christie Pits
Along my lovely stroll through the park yesterday, I noticed something. In the center of the park, the ground is so low that you can't really see the building surrounding the park. Because the elevation is so steep, all you can really see is walls of grass on all four sides. This makes for a really lovely feeling of being immersed in nature in the middle of a city. I assume this bit of urban planning was done on purpose, but I had never really realized it before. Maybe that's where the name "Christie Pits" comes from!

Inspiration: Toronto Bingo
I don't know how this instagram account came to be, but I am so happy that it did. Someone in the city takes the time, every day I might add, to create a cute illustration of something that is quintessentially Torontonian. I like to look at them and think about how much I know about each subject. I have a pretty good record so far!

And what's even better is that the artist is also holding a Toronto Scavenger hunt in May! If I read the posts every day, I'll be a shoe-in to win the hunt. Check out the Facebook event page here.

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